Saturday, January 2, 2010

NYE 09

So I have been seriously slacking on the picture taking since I've been back in the check out Kat's Flickr page if you wanna get a glimpse of what's been going on :).

Kat's Flickr Pics

The last few days of 2009 and first few days of 2010 have been great and I just have to share a few of the highlights of being back in the bay...

1) Kat's Thai bday dinner and Kara's cupcakes for dessert!
2) NYE kissing practice -giggle giggle :). (I apologize if this makes you throw up in your mouth a little.)
2) Ironside NYE dinner with the crew.
3) NYE Fireworks next to the Bay Bridge. I love that darn Bay Bridge at night---it's all twinkly and wonderful which was a perfect match for twinkly and wonderful NYE kiss :).
4) NYE leis and "noise-makers."
5) A beautiful hike in the Berkley Hills at Tilden Park.
6) Fried Chicken Sandwiches, molasses cookies and Mighty leaf mint tea on ironing board tables at Bakesale Betty's.


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Hanna's Mommy said...

Lovely; sounds like 2010 is off to a great start!