Monday, January 25, 2010

High, low - and a special treat at the end.

I'm craving a round of High, Low with the F4L right now. In high school we would often hang out in the "circle room" of Jenny's house - it was literally a little room with couches set up in a circle and the 11 of us would pile in and someone would shout out - "Let's play high, low!" and then we'd go around in a circle and every on of us would share our low of the day and our high of the day. How awesome is that?! It was such a great way to share something that's been a struggle and something that has been joyful--love it, love it.

So anyways, I'm wanting to share my high, low with the blog world today. I'll start with my low, because I like to end things on a positive - you know, kind of like how I can't leave the basketball court without making my last shot - you've gotta end on a make :).

Low = Losing our bball game by 1 point. It's kind of funny to me how much a loss still gets under my skin. I'm playing little situations from the game over and over in my mind thinking about what I could have done differently as a coach to have given my girls a better shot at winning. It's kind of funny though - as much as I hate the taste that losing leaves in my mouth - in a weird way it feels kind of nice to have this feeling again. As icky as losing can be, it's nice to have felt like you really poured yourself into something - even if it was just for 40 minutes and even if the outcome was less than ideal. This might sounds kind of crazy but in a way it's kind of nice to have something that you want so bad and are willing to wrk so hard for that when you do and the outcome isn't what you envisioned, it hurts. Is that crazy?

High = I have two.
1) Lunch time walk with Lindsey. I have two Lindsey quotes to share that just made my day

#1) We were talking about Avatar and Lindsey said something like this, "Sarah, I just kept thinking about how OUR world is just as beautiful!" I loved this perspective. I saw Avatar a couple weeks ago and was mesmerized by the beauty in this make believe world, but Lindsey's perspective reminded me that gosh, the world that we live in really is just as beautiful, we just have to remember to keep our eyes open to it - beauty really is all around!

#2) We also got into a conversation about the good that comes out of what might seem like a bad situation at first. And Lindsey summed up the conversation and walk saying something like this, "Wouldn't it be great if we could all just face life with the mindset that no matter what happens, it will be good for us." I LOVE IT! What a liberating way to approach life - makes me so much less afraid.

2) My phone conversation with Joe. I know, I know, super cheesy, but I just love getting to hear the thoughts inside his head and getting to share mine too.

So there you have it, my cliff note version of my high, low today. I really feel like my mind is reeling with life thoughts spurred by my high and low today, but I'm afraid I've been up since 5:30 am and am fading fast. Here's for hoping I get some time to revisit these things on a more alert brain soon.

Ooooooh and now for your special treat - A sneak peak of the boy (Lisa - this is for you - I promise there will be more to come soon!) . I hope the kissing isn't too much for ya!


Hanna's Mommy said...

Aww, okay first off- that pic is positively adorable!! There really is nothing quite like falling in love! That pic reminds me of several that Danny and I have (over 15 years ago!!), kissing just like that! Same camera angle and everything!! I'm so happy for you!

I enjoyed your highs and lows and what a great thing you girls used to share. Sorry you lost the game, but it will only make you all that more driven for the next one!

And I walked away from Avatar wishing that everyone else I shared this world with could really see the beauty in it. It's hard sometimes when you encounter negativity, although it only serves as a reminder of how I've chosen NOT to live my life (for the most part anyways! :))

Blake Bunch said...

You have no idea how much I appreciate this post! What a cutie pie!!!! Keep em comin'!!

Wanna know something absolutely crazy??? We have a nightly family tradition of none other than highs and lows!!!! No kidding! I love that you do it too!!!

I loved the quotes too! I am convinced more than ever that we need to see Avatar!

and i think to myself...what a wonderful world said...

Oh girls thank you for letting me share this part of my life with you and thank you for being so excited :)

Sadina- You are right there really is nothing quite like falling in love!

And Lisa - I can't believe that you guys play family high, low every night! I love it! I never cease to be amazed by the beautiful family traditions that you guys have!

jackattackhays said...

Lindsey is very good at saying things that end up in quotes later on.

Also - that Joe guy looks veeeery familiar!