Sunday, January 10, 2010

My world is spinning :) and I am forgetting to take pictures...

I blame the twitter patted feelings I've been experiencing lately for my lack of picture taking...dang it, I miss having pics to share at the end of a weekend - there were lots of lovely moments this weekend, we'll have to settle on a verbal highlight reel until I can get my wits about me again...

1) 11 hours of sleep on Friday night.
2) Thai chicken noodle soup with the boy.
3) Geeking out in 3-D glasses with the boy while watching Avatar at the Oakland Grand (awesome theatre - they even had twinkly stars on the ceiling-loved it!)
4) Frozen yogurt and night time lake walks.
5) Redwood Trail run with the boy.
6) A killer hill to end said run.
7) The boy reading a book on a bench waiting for me :).
8) Breakfast and coffee/chai tea with the boy.
9) Lots of good work on the offense at basketball practice with the girls.

Oh and before I close this weekend's updates, I have to apologize to my body for putting it through all this world spinning madness this first week back at work.
I am sorry body! - for not resting you enough, for putting in 12 hour days and then waking you up at 5:30 am to go running. I promise to work to be better this week and to give you a little break even when my brain is telling me to keep going so that you don't have to collapse into a exhausted, sore throaty heap of a mess come Friday. I blame the extra twinkly kisses I have been lucky enough to be getting lately - for my pseudo energy surge. But I know, I know body, kisses cannot fully substitute for sleep :).

Here's to making time for some R&R this week :).


Hanna's Mommy said...

Ha! Love the list and it totally made me smile to read the one about The Boy (I think he must be capitalized for some reason!)reading a book while waiting for you. I just got out of the shower tonight and saw my hubby reading in bed (which is not a usual thing) and I told him that it was a good way to get more lovin's! :) Boys that read are HOT!!

Blake Bunch said...

AMEN SADINA!!! Sarah, I am so happy for your new found twitterness!!! But I must admit, I am severely dissapointed with the lack of photos! You are truly letting me down!!! I can't live like this!!! I will let it slide just this once :)))!

and i think to myself...what a wonderful world said...

Oh Lisa and Sadina...what would I do without you girls!!

Yes, Sadina...boys that read are hot, aren't they?! And Lisa, I promise to get back on the picture taking band wagon ASAP!!

Big hugs to both of you!!!