Tuesday, January 19, 2010

a little cooking and a little quoting...

So life is a little crazy, busy right now, which I can't complain about because it's crazy, busy with crazy, wonderful things - the only down side is the lack of time that this crazy, wonderful business leaves for cooking which is something that not only feeds my tummy but feeds my soul. The up side is that last night I got to spend some time makin' some Mushroom risotto and I think it made me even happier than usual on the inside!

Mushrooms, BUTTER, shallots and arborio :) - oooh and Saffron!

And don't tell the girls, but here is tomorrow's game day quote.

You know what's cute? The girls have been collecting each week's quote and tying them to their water bottles :). Love it.
We are playing a team with a bunch of BIG girls tomorrow, so I thought this was appropriate, because it's true you know - it doesn't matter how big you are in stature, what matters is how big your heart is.


Blake Bunch said...

Sarah! Holy Cow you are so cute! I love this quote! I think you have inspired me to put inspiring quotes in the kids' lunch boxes!!


Oh and you have no idea how much I love mushrooms!

and i think to myself...what a wonderful world said...

Lisa, i LOVE the lunch box quote idea! I am totally going to do that for my children one day!

oooooh let's have a mushroom feast one day!

Hanna's Mommy said...

Your risotto-makin', quote-lovin', girl-inspirin' self is AWESOME!

Blake Bunch said...

Let's do it Sarah!Can you believe I am up so late? :) Well, off to bed now! Night!