Sunday, April 25, 2010

ahhhh weekends...

You know your weekend is going to be good when it starts off by bringing home a couple of ginkgo biloba branches for the new apt :). Yes, I (a little bit guiltily) stole a couple of gingko biloba branches from a tree at work. I feel a little bit bad about it but they are just so darn beautiful and let's face it, I don't have room to plant a tree where I am currently at and there are plenty of 'em at work, so I thought the Ginkgo Biloba gods would be okay with me taking just a couple of branches home especially because they could probably see how happy I was walking out of work on Friday with my gingko leaves in hand :).

Here are the lovely little guys soaking up some Saturday morning sun :).

I'm happy to report that apartment decoration inspiration is also beginning to strike here and there (finally!). I've been in the new place for almost a month now, but between flying to the east coast and just normal every day life, I have to admit, I am still no where near unpacked -which stressed me out a little bit first. I'm a homey type of person and I like my surroundings to be all set up and comfy an cozy and I can get a little cranky when I don't feel like everything is just in its right spot - but I'm letting go a little bit - partly because of the lack of time - there's more to life than just organizing and partly because well, I'm not a money tree and furnishing and fully equipping my dream apartment might just not be in my budget yet - and you know what I'm doing okay :) and it's making the whole process so much more enjoyable. I found a couple of adorable mixing bowls on sale on my last Target trip and just couldn't resist taking 'em home with me, here they are...

...oooh and those adorable measuring spoons were a fun cost plus find - I love that place.

I also found these fun lanterns which I am trying to figure out how to rig up - that'll be a project for the week.

And then, THEN I got to have a date night with my loverboy :). We made a deeelish Indian recipe that I got from a co-worker, it was so fun to cook with some new spices - here is what we made...

A little coconut rice with turmeric, peppercorns, bay leaves and cardamom.

and some chili - ish chicken.

and voila...

We watched a little post dinner movie - Precious - really touching albeit a bit tense and depressing.

Sunday morning we woke up to bright sunshine and made our way out the door to the Redwood Regional park (the site of our first date and kiss by the way) for a lovely 6.5 mile trail run. I love being able to run with him :). He's in pretty darn good shape and boy was I feeling it at the end and once he starts running more regularly again, I'm not sure I'll be able to keep up, but I'll just have to make him run at my pace every now and then. It's so nice to be able to share something that I love with someone I care so much about :). On our run Joe told me how excited he was to get back and eat a big breakfast and maybe it's a little silly, but I love that he thinks about this kind of stuff, because I tell ya, one of my favorite parts of running is the big meals I have after I run. We got back and Joe cooked up a big yummy, cheesy veggie, potatoe egg creation and I had a great big bowl of cereal - my fav! And then we drank lots of tea and coffee - oooh and I also love this about him - that we both get so much joy out of relaxing on Sunday morning with multiple hot drinks :).

Post shower and re-fuel, we made our way over to a local nursery and bought a whole bunch of tomatos and basil to plant in his roof top garden troughs. And while we were there, I got some bamboo for the apartment and a lovely new plant for the new office :).

Meet Herbert the Hoover office plant.

And lucky, because everyone needs a little of that in their life :).

Happy week everyone - oh and before I forget - I'll be internetless for a few days this week - I'm excited for the potential space this will create in my life, since I'm an email, blog-aholic these days. Be back later in the week!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Song of the day :)

Sunset DIY projects I'd like to try :)

Kat, Lindsey and Laura - I may be recruiting your help on one or two or all of these :)...

Make a wall vase

Fake a Roman Shade

How to make a leaf print

Here's Sunset's list of 30 projects for you to check out too!

lovin' these posters...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sending lots of thoughts and prayers to ya Sadina!

a little sneak peak into my new spaces...

a new office :)

a new home :).

the shrimp scampi that loverboy and I made last night to celebrate my mom's bday from afar :).

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I admit it, I've been slacking...

I have been slacking big time, BIG time on the picture taking and it's getting under my skin. I just can't stand not having fun pictures to go along with the fun things going on. I'm clearing my camera tonight and getting back in to picture taking mode again...starting tomorrow.

For now, here is another simple pleasure list (lacking good pictures once again :()).

1) A new couch!!!

2) A loverboy with a car to transport the new couch.

3) Flowers from co-workers

4) Sunny Friday lunch at Coupa with co-workers.

5) Waking up to birds singing outside my window


7) taking/having time to make a homemade meal with loverboy - Sweet Potato Shepard Pie

8) sunday morning yoga

9) the unadulterated joy of 9 year old girls

10) sunny, shirtless walks at the dish - according to Kat and Erik - a solid way to start a relationship :)

11) Dulce de leche creamer

12) Trips to the local nursery to look at night time jasmine plants and indoor plants for a budding apartment decor vision :).

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

life is for living...

Me, my sister, my grandma, my aunt, my dad, my cousin and my dad's childhood family doctor and grandpa's close friend and tennis partner.

Whirlwind weekend #48 for 2010 but, sigh, definitely well worth it. I'm tired and groggy and probably not at all coherent this morning, but I really can't even imagine having been here in the bay while the rest of my family was at my Grandpa's funeral - even if that meant traveling across the country for a 35 hour visit.

There were so many touching moments this weekend and so many thoughts swirling through my mind about life and death and family and I hope I get a chance to share some of them soon.

I'll leave you with this little nugget...My favorite part of the rabbi's little talk was his emphasis on the fact that life is for living and while it is hard to lose a loved one, it is important to continue on with living life and enjoying the loved ones we still have.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Loving this man...

....and looking forward to celebrating his life with my family this weekend.

Friday's simple pleasures...

1) seeing all the good that comes out of a sad thing.

2) a new Alice Waters cook book as a housewarming gift from my boss. (I heart Alice Waters).

3) Lunch time hugs from Lindsey

4) Fixa tool sets from Ikea - every girl needs her own set of tools :)

5) Kat's expertise in setting up my new table :). She has the same one so now we're table twins. Oh and having a friend over just makes the place feel so much more homey.

6) My first snail mail from friends and family!

7)mini sushi magnets that are finally displayed on my fridge from Laura and Kat

8) lover boys who track down the lamp that you want in another state.

9) yummy and pretty Rainbow bow tie pasta from Kat.

Happy weekend all. Florida here I come.

Monday, April 5, 2010

more simple pleasures...

1) the endless possibilities of new spaces

2) big, happy boquets of flowers that can cheer up even the barest room

3) fig newton cookies

4) hand written notes from loverboy

5) watching an awesome ncaa final game while putting together ikea pots (oh ikea - you even have to self-assemble their pots and pans)

6) fondue birthday party at work today

7) standing right in front of the heater

8) using all natural dyes (made by laura from cabbage, tea and beets) to color easter eggs

9) ikea catalogs

10) finding out on Kat's blog that glee starts again on April 13th!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Simple Pleasures and a little operation april...

Lindsey's gone and done it again. She's instigating an operation month, which means goal setting and I love it!!

To be honest, I'm a little overwhelmed with goals in mind at the moment with the big move coming up, so I am going to KISS....Keep it simple stupid.

My operation April goals are the following;

1) Have fun making my new apartment a sanctuary for myself
2) Paint my toe nails a fun springy color
3) Make more simple pleasure lists this month, starting now...

April 1sts simple pleasures...

1) A co-worker thankfest. Yes, you read right. Today, randomly, my boss, my co-workers, Scott, Jen and I had a thankfest. Nothing complicated at all, just spontaneously thanking each other for all that each person does - nothing planned, just a moment of genuine thanks and time to notice what everyone does, which felt amazingly refreshing. It's amazing what a little being noticed can do for everyone's soul.

2) Working on a college campus. Especially a college campus where the women's bball team is in the freakin' Final Four. There was a little team send off for the team today and I decided to attend and am so glad I did. I just love the high hopes that infiltrated the air. And I got to hear Tara herself speak in person, you can't do that just anywhere :).

3) Scroll down emails from Kat and Laura :).

4) trader joe's cat cookies for people.

5) getting home at the glorious time of 5:30

March, I bid you adieu without a single regret, you were a month of new gray hairs (yes, I have more than one now :) and crazy stress break outs and I have to say, I am so ready for a fresh start and so April, I welcome you with wide, open arms!