Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cookies, cookies and more cookies!!!

I just spent 10 hours in the kitchen making cookies for the big cookie exchange at work on Wednesday. Ordinarly I would be pretty ticked off for having to spend such an enormous amount of time making cookies, but I actually really enjoyed myself today. There is something about baking during the holidays that gives me such a cozy, happy feeling. It was the perfect day to do it to, it was rainy and gray outside. I had some music on and the Christmas tree lights twinkling and my wonderful boyfriend wrapping presents and telling me how delicious my cookies looked :).

I made White Chocolate Cherry Shortbread cookies. I chose this recipe from the Better Homes and Gardens website and, well I guess ignorance truly is bliss because if I had known the complications involved in getting shortbread dough right, I might have opted for a different recipe.

But now that I have my feet kicked up and being rubbed by the wonderful boyfriend, I am happy I got to learn how to make shortbread today.

Enjoy the Pics. I wish I could send some through the internet to you!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

We need a little christmas...

Joe and I are completely in the Christmas spirit and enjoying our little decorated apartment. One of our many self-taken photos...this time in front of our front door decorated with our new Christmas wreath.
The baby Tree.
Our mantle, decorated with the free garland from the Christmas Tree Farm.
The grand entrance.
Yummy vanilla pine candles.
Christmas Anpanman...He Dances. Thanks to the Long Family!
Joe's favorite cherry chocolate hershey kisses.
My favorite peppermint hot chocolate.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Inspired by friends....

Joe and I had a wonderful time at home in San Diego for Thanksgiving and got lots of family and friend time in.

On Saturday night at Niki and Ryan's fabulous new home, my friend Amber gave me a copy of Ray La Montagne's new album "Gossip in the Grain." It's funny how such a small little gesture of kindness can create such inspiration...I am in love with this guy and am feeling so content to be swooning to all of his music as we speak. Thank you Amber!

Here are some of my favorites.