Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cookies, cookies and more cookies!!!

I just spent 10 hours in the kitchen making cookies for the big cookie exchange at work on Wednesday. Ordinarly I would be pretty ticked off for having to spend such an enormous amount of time making cookies, but I actually really enjoyed myself today. There is something about baking during the holidays that gives me such a cozy, happy feeling. It was the perfect day to do it to, it was rainy and gray outside. I had some music on and the Christmas tree lights twinkling and my wonderful boyfriend wrapping presents and telling me how delicious my cookies looked :).

I made White Chocolate Cherry Shortbread cookies. I chose this recipe from the Better Homes and Gardens website and, well I guess ignorance truly is bliss because if I had known the complications involved in getting shortbread dough right, I might have opted for a different recipe.

But now that I have my feet kicked up and being rubbed by the wonderful boyfriend, I am happy I got to learn how to make shortbread today.

Enjoy the Pics. I wish I could send some through the internet to you!

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Pipas para la paz said...

wow sister they are beautiful!!!!!! you did an awesome job, i wish i could try one! your labors of love were not in vain! love you sister