Tuesday, May 27, 2008

inspired by the untapped potential of everything everywhere

"say something beautiful or be quiet." - cromacom's flickr site

today was one of those days where you just feel like there is possibility waiting for you around every corner, when your confidence is soaring and you feel like a million bucks.
yael naim came on my itunes radio acoustic cafe this morning, i felt completely productive at work, i felt relaxed and unrushed, i felt radiant and energetic and excited to share with the people around me.
i found a bunch of soul inspiring blogs in between spurts of work today and felt completely in awe of the creativity, honesty and authenticity of the voices of the women who create them.
i got so excited, my little heart was thumping away and wishing that I too could be such a deep and creative person...perhaps one day with a bit more life seasoning.
i yearn to get my creative energy out into the world and seeing the work of these bloggers today gave me faith to believe that one day i will.
i considered going to bed early tonight to wake up at 5 to work out tomorrow morning, but am instead joyously giving into my desires to blog surf and sit lazily on the couch next to one of the most wonderful men in the world (second only to my father) stealing kisses in between inspiring blog bits.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

shout out to my sister

I am packing up, getting ready to head down south for the weekend to attend my sister's college graduation and I started thinking of how proud I am of my sister for all her hard work and all that she has overcome and persevered through in the past few years. I am so lucky to call this girl my sister. I can't wait to see what she does with her life next!

Congrats Jess, I love you!

add it to my best places to watch the sunset....

Spot #21--My very own balcony!!!! This was the sunset last night, it was beautiful and I can't wait for a summer and San Francisco indian summer full of em!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

midnight sun

I LOVE THE EXTRA LIGHT IN THE SPRING AND SUMMER!!! although we don't quite have 24 hour sunlight in Pacifica, like they do in Sweden and Norway, as I was walking to workout this morning at 5:30 am, I felt more energized that usual because it was already starting to get light outside...a big difference from the pitch black darkness i was walking to the gym in about 2 months ago. something about having light until 8 or 8:30 (and later as the summer goes on) and having the sun rise earlier gives me a little extra energy.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

i can't believe i live here!

joe and I went on a walk down the staircase to the beach in front of our apartment complex today. i must have said "I can't believe we live here," about 10 times. we can see the ocean from our balcony and it is just a short walk to the actual beach. It is of course very different from the warm san diego beach, but absolutely breathtakingly beautiful none the less.

meals with my love

I have to brag, I am such a lucky girl, I have the sweetest, most loving boyfriend in the world and to top off all his wonderful qualities he is a great cook and of course my favorite person in the world to cook with. With my new job, we have had less time in the evenings for cooking and were getting sad about not cooking together so we started planning our meals for the week out over the weekend so that we are prepared with all of the ingredients that we need. We've created some pretty yummy things lately.

Christina's Catalina Bachelorette Party

I spent last weekend in Catalina-the F4l mecca hanging out with my favorite high school girlfriends and had a blast. The countdown is now officially on to F4l wedding numero tres of 2008. 5 weeks until the Boise Bitches(Christina's college friends) meet up again with the F4l(our highschool group of girls) to celebrate Christina and Lane's wedding. I can't wait! With Christina's crazy planning skills, I just know the wedding is going to be beautiful!

I must have the greatest high school friends in the world. It's been 8 years since we graduated (holy hell!) and we still go to Catalina each summer!!!