Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Short work week :)

Took a quick trip home to San Diego for the weekend - here's one of my fav. pics of the trip - gosh I love these guys!

Three cheers for short work weeks - hope yours is great!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

mini house projects

no earth shattering happenings around here this weekend, BUT, some earth shattering news - Joe found out his summer vacay time - so we started to do some real vacation brainstorming/planning! wahooo! yipeee! more details on that once we've got some stuff set in stone. Other than that we've had a relatively mellow weekend. On Saturday night we tried a Vietnamese restaurant called XANH - we give it 3 stars out of 5 . Joe had a beer called Judgment day because well, it was supposedly Judgment day so he thought it was fitting. Afterwards we hit up our local fro yo joint - Yoogl - hah, kind of like Google - this place gets 5 stars -mmmm Red Velvet fro yo was awesome.
Sunday morning we did a mini trail run - I know I've said it before but I just can't say enough how much I love sharing a love of running with Joe - I also appreciate that he runs at my slow pace when I'm tired, let's me feel like I'm winning on our runs sometimes, and that he challenges me to pick it up every now and then too. I can remember on one of our very first runs together, we were on a pretty muddy trail and I was getting a little grumpy because my shoes were getting all gross and I felt like I was about to face plant with every step - but Joe was bounding (he runs like a gazelle!) around in the mud and commenting on how sometimes you just had to roll with it :) and have fun. Little did I know that that attitude would perfectly capture Joe's attitude about life and some of the "muddy" stuff that comes along - his optimism inspires me.
oooops little bit of a tangent there - after our run we walked down to our local Coffee shop - Red Rock to fuel up with some coffee and chai and then walked to the farmer's market. Lovely little Sunday morning:).

We also did a couple mini house projects this weekend, here are some pics...

I've been needing a place to put my earrings and was inspired by a craft that I saw on Pinterest. I found an old frame I had collecting dust and Joe helped me to rig the wires to the back so I could hand my earrings. He was clutch in figuring out a way to make the wires extra taut so that my earrings wouldn't slid down to the middle. It's fun isn't it?!

I printed up a pic from our road trip to Arches and monument valley last summer and added it to our wall collage. And when we were downtown for dinner we popped into a bookstore and found this great card quote - love it and am so excited to see these words each day. Inspirational words and beautiful nature is about all the decoration I need :).

A college friend made this pretty bowl for me and I've been wanting to hang it up for years but for some reason never got around to buying a bowl hanger - finally did and this beauty has a place in the kitchen - I also love seeing these words every day.

Yay our house just keeps getting homier - but this quote sums up my fav. part of our place---

"What I love most about my home is who I share it with." - Tad Carpenter

Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy Friday!

Here's the song of the day - Xavier Rudd -Messages

And, I have to confess - I have a new obsession - PINTEREST! Holy awesomeness and holy time suck! My dear friend Kat invited me to join this week and I thought I wouldn't get too into it - boy I should know myself better - pinning things to organized boards - totally perfect for me! Lovin' it - maybe a little too much...check it out...


Monday, May 16, 2011

good clean fun

We went away for Lindsey's bachelorette party this past weekend! Petaluma - who knew a place so close could feel so gloriously far away :)?! Kat - the master planner whisked us away to an adorable french hotel for a girls weekend. Super, super cute doesn't even begin to describe it. We had so much fun eating yummy food, giving ourselves mini facials in our room, brunching, going to the movies, shopping, eating more yummy food and then rockin' out to te 80s at a Tainted Love concert. I just couldn't be more excited for Lindsey and Nate's big day and I just couldn't ask for better girlfriends to celebrate with!

Enjoying a long, luxurious dinner at Central Market.

Resting our spirits and trying on our 80s gloves in our room - the quote in french says something like - the Sandman is working :)

Kat and Linds

Being silly in front of our hotel.

A Kat sandwich.

Getting ready to rock out to the 80s - you know with our glowing goose and all :).

Such a fun weekend - thank you girls!!!

PS - If you want to see a few more photos - check out Kat's tumblr

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

just some side notes...

life sure is busy these days - for a lot of people it seems. I don't think I'm going to ever get to my gushing post about the craziness of the past month, life just keeps marching on ya know, and well, maybe it's good for me to just let my attachment to blogging about EVERYTHING go a little bit :). So I suppose that's that - I'll just say that I got stressed and had a big melt down and in the end realized I was being a little over dramatic and more importantly, that I have an incredibly supportive, patient, understanding and forgiving partner in Joe and friends and family whose perspective/support are one of the most precious gifts in my life.

sidenote #1 - This past weekend Joe and I did so many errands/general house settling (I'm calling our place a house because that's what it feels like, even if it is a duplex) things that well, we didn't get around to our young house love project - too much time spent cleaning blinds - whew our blinds were filthy :).

sidenote #2 - Joe did buy a cute grill though (don't tell him I called it cute) and he grilled up a mean batch of veggie kabobs and teriyaki salmon and well, I just melted into bliss with each bite. And then to top that, on Sunday night he made enchiladas that were to die for - we may just have to throw a mexican inspired fiesta this summer in our new place to share those!

sidenote #3 - I just accepted a position coaching a JV girls bball team at a pretty cool private school ---eeek, I thought life was crazy now, looks like I'll be giving up my winter to the hardwoods :) - I'm a little nervous about the time comittment, but also pretty psyched about the opportunity.

sidenote #4 - mark my word, I am never going this long again without a real vacation. NEVER. EVER. again - I'm in some serious need of a break from reality which is why I am so stoked for a girls weekend in Petaluma in just a couple of days for Lindsey's bachelorette celebration!

sidenote #5 - like our wall picture collage? I do! I'm excited to change out a couple pics for a fresh feel :).

sidenote #6 - if you didn't already know, I heart glee...

sidenote#7 - i think one of the sweetest things in all the world is waking up next to the one you love and falling asleep the same way ;).

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Come on in ;)

Finally! A few new house pics for you :). My blogging session got bumped by some extra work that needed to get done last night - but never fear, here's a sneak peek as my dear friend Lisa would say. I'll save the gushing for later but for now I'll just tell ya that I'm absolutely loving coming home to Joe every night. I feel so very blessed. Now, come on in!

Our front door - note Joe's brass bell to the left that he had to hang asap and my crazy stick that I found and am determined to do something fun with ;).

Our bright and fun kitchen - I love it, the counter tops, the tile, the gas stove, the big sink - we are going to create so much yummy food here.

Two of our besties hanging out in their new digs- Obi wan and Julia ;).

I just love the light that streams in! oooh and those are some gingko leaves that Joe picked up for me on his way home our first week here. Who needs to pay for flowers when you can have gingkos for free!

Our work in progress living room - we haven't settled on furniture placement yet and have a big Young House Love project in store this weekend - can't wait to post photos of that!

hehe - maybe this is TMI - but I had to post a pic of el bano because I heart our leafy shower curtain.

Our baby back yard - nothing much yet - but boy are we excited about the potential - we've been dragging chairs out for our meals and eating al fresco!

The big Totorro tree we see from our backyard - I'm falling in love with this guy!