Monday, May 16, 2011

good clean fun

We went away for Lindsey's bachelorette party this past weekend! Petaluma - who knew a place so close could feel so gloriously far away :)?! Kat - the master planner whisked us away to an adorable french hotel for a girls weekend. Super, super cute doesn't even begin to describe it. We had so much fun eating yummy food, giving ourselves mini facials in our room, brunching, going to the movies, shopping, eating more yummy food and then rockin' out to te 80s at a Tainted Love concert. I just couldn't be more excited for Lindsey and Nate's big day and I just couldn't ask for better girlfriends to celebrate with!

Enjoying a long, luxurious dinner at Central Market.

Resting our spirits and trying on our 80s gloves in our room - the quote in french says something like - the Sandman is working :)

Kat and Linds

Being silly in front of our hotel.

A Kat sandwich.

Getting ready to rock out to the 80s - you know with our glowing goose and all :).

Such a fun weekend - thank you girls!!!

PS - If you want to see a few more photos - check out Kat's tumblr


Anonymous said...

hooray! love it. i might steal some of your photos. will you post them so i can see all of them? we're so fun.

Anonymous said...

OH MY! HOW FUN!!!!! This is such a great group of girls!!! Petaluma? Who knew?! :)))

I was just getting caught up on your posts...I am right there with you Sarah! I am a little (okay a lot) stressed out, need a vacation, doing too much!!! So we are both going to take some deep breaths, learn to say no, and go on vacation! RIght? :) I feel better already!

Lovin ya a lot today!

Anonymous said...

PS a huge congrats on your coaching gig!!! You will be FANTASTIC as usual!!!!

Oh and Joe's new baby grill is CUTE!!!! It just is!