Wednesday, May 11, 2011

just some side notes...

life sure is busy these days - for a lot of people it seems. I don't think I'm going to ever get to my gushing post about the craziness of the past month, life just keeps marching on ya know, and well, maybe it's good for me to just let my attachment to blogging about EVERYTHING go a little bit :). So I suppose that's that - I'll just say that I got stressed and had a big melt down and in the end realized I was being a little over dramatic and more importantly, that I have an incredibly supportive, patient, understanding and forgiving partner in Joe and friends and family whose perspective/support are one of the most precious gifts in my life.

sidenote #1 - This past weekend Joe and I did so many errands/general house settling (I'm calling our place a house because that's what it feels like, even if it is a duplex) things that well, we didn't get around to our young house love project - too much time spent cleaning blinds - whew our blinds were filthy :).

sidenote #2 - Joe did buy a cute grill though (don't tell him I called it cute) and he grilled up a mean batch of veggie kabobs and teriyaki salmon and well, I just melted into bliss with each bite. And then to top that, on Sunday night he made enchiladas that were to die for - we may just have to throw a mexican inspired fiesta this summer in our new place to share those!

sidenote #3 - I just accepted a position coaching a JV girls bball team at a pretty cool private school ---eeek, I thought life was crazy now, looks like I'll be giving up my winter to the hardwoods :) - I'm a little nervous about the time comittment, but also pretty psyched about the opportunity.

sidenote #4 - mark my word, I am never going this long again without a real vacation. NEVER. EVER. again - I'm in some serious need of a break from reality which is why I am so stoked for a girls weekend in Petaluma in just a couple of days for Lindsey's bachelorette celebration!

sidenote #5 - like our wall picture collage? I do! I'm excited to change out a couple pics for a fresh feel :).

sidenote #6 - if you didn't already know, I heart glee...

sidenote#7 - i think one of the sweetest things in all the world is waking up next to the one you love and falling asleep the same way ;).

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