Tuesday, August 28, 2012

we're a bunch of married ladies!

 kat and erik's wedding - 8.25.12

 sarah and joe's wedding - 7.21.12

 laura and julian's wedding - 5.27.12

lindsey and nate's wedding - 7.9.11

If you're looking for advice on anything wedding related - you know who to call :). What an absolutely amazing year full of celebrations of love!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Simple pleasures - married style!

Well hello little blog o' mine!

1) simple pleasure list making

2) Blog layout updating

3) NOT wedding planning!!!

4) Royal family sightings at the Olympics

5) Catching up with co-workers

6) Getting back into a workout routine

7) Talking to people and having to use the word "husband"

8) A sweet story from my Grandma - My Grandpa has an early bed time these days, he's usually tuckered out by 9pm.  So, for our wedding, my Grandma's brother agreed to leave our wedding at 9pm so he could take my Grandpa home for bed and my parents could stay all night.  Apparently at 9pm, my Grandma asked my Grandpa if he was tired and ready to go and he said to her, "I'm not leaving until it's over."  How sweet is that?!

9) Vivid imagery - I'm sucker for descriptive writing!  - "Mustard seeds explode in hot oil.  She hols a lid over the pan to fend off the missiles.  Rat-a-tat! like hail on a tin roof.  She adds the cumin seeds, which sizzle, darken, and crackle.  A dry fragrant smoke chases out the mustard scent.  Only then are the onions added, handfuls f them, and now the sound is that of life being spawned in a primordial fire."

10) Feeling Joe's wedding ring when we hold hands.

11) This quote courtesy of some guy's t-shirt at the gym - It's always seems impossible until it's done."