Thursday, April 8, 2010

Loving this man...

....and looking forward to celebrating his life with my family this weekend.

Friday's simple pleasures...

1) seeing all the good that comes out of a sad thing.

2) a new Alice Waters cook book as a housewarming gift from my boss. (I heart Alice Waters).

3) Lunch time hugs from Lindsey

4) Fixa tool sets from Ikea - every girl needs her own set of tools :)

5) Kat's expertise in setting up my new table :). She has the same one so now we're table twins. Oh and having a friend over just makes the place feel so much more homey.

6) My first snail mail from friends and family!

7)mini sushi magnets that are finally displayed on my fridge from Laura and Kat

8) lover boys who track down the lamp that you want in another state.

9) yummy and pretty Rainbow bow tie pasta from Kat.

Happy weekend all. Florida here I come.


Hanna's Mommy said...

Enjoy yourself in sunny, warm florida with the fam!

P.S. Lover Boy has got it goin' on!!

Blake Bunch said...

Yes Enjoy!!! Ooooo I get very very excited about tool sets from Ikea!! Try the sewing kit much fun!!! I don't even sew or fix things! There is just somethig about a kit!

Happy Florida awaits you my dear!