Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandma!

let me tell ya - she is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside!

My fellow food lover!

I simply love the joy on her face here.

It's my Grandma's birthday today! She is 80 years old (sorry Grams I hope it's okay that I share this with the blogosphere). You'd never know it though - she has aged so gracefully and is sharper mentally than I am a lot of times!

I thank my lucky stars that I get to have a woman like her in my life. At 80 she is still so full of life, love and curiosity. I love that I can have a serious conversation with her or be a silly goofball with her. I love that when my sister and I were growing up, she would sing songs like "I'm a lonely little petunia in the onion patch" on car rides with us. I love that she once spent an ENTIRE day making family Sushi recipes with me the old-fashioned way. I love that she collects pebbles from different corners of the world and has them labeled in a beautiful display case in her bedroom. I love that I can't find a single picture of her anywhere without my grandpa by her side - those two are soul mates I tell ya. I love that she could stay up until 5 am playing Shanghai. I love that we get to cook together on Thanksgiving and Christmas. I love that whenever I am home in San Diego, I can call 15 minutes before I arrive and she is always ready to hang out and feed me :). I love the way she values family. I love the way she finds beauty all around her. I simply love this woman's spirit and I hope to goodness I am lucky enough to inherit even a little bit of it.

Happy Birthday Grandma!


Blake Bunch said...

Oh Sarah! I am so weepy! Your Grandma is simply PERFECT! I love how close you are with her and how much you appreciate your time together! My Grandma was the light of my life, and still is even though she died way to young at 76. Maybe that's why I embrace getting older and can't wait to be one myself!

Happy Birthday Grandma!!!!

Hanna's Mommy said...

What a lovely, lovely post Sarah! You articulate yourself so well and paint such a beautiful picture for those of us that aren't lucky enough to know the woman. She sounds like a remarkable woman and your stories of her just warmed my heart.

I think she is a wonderful role model for us all to aspire to be like when we are grandmas some day.