Friday, January 1, 2010

Lessons from 2009...

I'm late, I'm late, I know! I usually have this New Year's reflection stuff wrapped up long before this hour, but I have to admit, I have been happily distracted by a pretty amazing boy as of late and have no regrets at all about this photo finish :).

Did you know I love this time of the year---the beginning that is. There's always a sense of hope in my heart that seems to come along with clean slates, second chances and opportunities to start fresh. I also love this time of the year for the way it naturally lends itself to reflecting on the past year. I'm a big reflector if you don't already know this- and while I love reliving life as I think back on it, I have to say that I am a little apprehensive about this year's reflections because geez louise this year was packed full of lessons, learning, sorrow, joy etc and I am not sure that I have the words in me to fully express the millions of feelings floating around in my heart and head about it. So for blogging purposes, I thought I would share a few of the lessons that I had the good fortune of learning this year and save the rambling for my less public, hand-written journal.

Here we go!

Lesson # 1: "The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain."
: Kahlil Gibran is the man isn't he? These words have brought comfort time and again during challenging periods in my life and I am a firm believer in them.

Lesson #2: Breakups can make you feel like you are hitting rock bottom, but can simultaneously open your heart to a faith in the universe that you never before knew existed.
Mini-reflection: There have been so many positive signs all along my life path this year that I have absolutely no choice but to believe that things truly do happen for a reason.

Lesson #3: Relationships that you never dreamed would end, can in fact end, but in their place comes the kind of friendship that you've only ever dreamed of having.

Perhaps the biggest blessings of 2009 for me - My second family, Kat, Lindsey and Laura - 7 amazing people that I cannot imagine this past year without.

Lesson #4: There is nothing in the world like the support of family and friends who have known you all your life.
Mini Reflection: Enough said.

Lesson #5 and Mini Reflection: Resilience can be found in simple pleasures lists -I can remember one of the first things that I blogged about after the breakup was a Simple Pleasures list. It's hard to be sad about anything when you begin to open your eyes to ALL the wonderful things that surround you, gratitude, blog comments - Lisa and Sadina-your blog friendship has been such a source of inspiration for me this year-I love the community we have created!, optimisim and deep breathing- Yoga has become a vital part of my sanity this year and there are few things in this world as refreshing to me as a deep, sighing exhale these days.

In the end, I am so very thankful that life unfolded exactly the way it did this past year and I truly believe that as a result of all that happened this year, I am exactly where I need to be to move forward and grow. And so as 2009 comes to an end, I am heeding the words of a meditation one of my favorite Yoga Teachers shared during our last class of the year and opening my heart to all that 2010 has to offer. I am very excited about whatever 2010 has to bring and can't wait to see how this year of life will test, challenge and force me to grow.

Happy and Healthy New Year all!

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laura said...

Love it. You're amazing Sarah Farber. Happy and Healthy New Year!