Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ah weekends...

Quick side note - I know, I know I haven't even started yet, how can I have a side note, but I got this lovely card in the mail from Kat today and well I love it wholeheartedly and thought it was a great way to kick off the weekend recap - because this is EXACTLY the way that yoga makes me feel.

Back to the weekend recap...

Saturday afternoon Cuppa chai and a glass of beer at Cafe Trieste.

Loverboy loves his coffee and he's just so darn cute drinking it.

And I love how beautiful coffee is.

Roof top parsley planting! I was having a serious hankering to play in some dirt this weekend. According to Sunset magazine, it's okay to start planting tomatoes inside right now --I told lover boy this and he suggested we hit up a local nursery- we couldn't find tomatoes, so we opted for parsley instead-I have not done much gardening in my life YET, but I have a feeling it's something I am going to fall in love with.

And one day when I do have a garden, I think it would be lovely to have lots of colorful pots!

Scallops in a yummy orange, garlic marinade with lots of fresh roasted veggies for dinner.


Blake Bunch said...

Oh Lover Boy is just so cute!

Hanna's Mommy said...

Those pots are to-die-for!!! Soooo colorful, fun, and cute!

Lover Boy is pretty sweet too sipping his coffee. You and your falling-in-love just makes me smile!

Reese said...

Haha... how did I find your blog? But here you are, and here I am leaving you a comment.

Very cute. And yes, coffee is definitely the good stuff.