Sunday, September 26, 2010

day of decadence

Saturday was a day of pure decadence around here. I spent the afternoon getting my hair cut - did you know I love getting my haircut? Head massages while getting a shampoo and someone having someone cut and style your hair while you just sit and relax - a piece of heaven in my book!! I tried Kat's hair stylist and I loved her!! The fun cut and style she gave me were in perfect time for a fancy schmancy dinner date night with loverboy.

After a full day of classes for Joe we decided to do it up right and made our way to a classic San Fran restaurant that has been on both of our lists for some time now - Greens. It's a beautiful restaurant overlooking the water at Fort Mason with spectacular windows that look out to the Golden Gate Bridge. We were having summer weather in the bay yesterday and boy did we get some spectacular sunset bridge views. Little life side note here - this restaurant was more expensive than our usual out to dinner pick - and I have to say sometimes the penny pincher in me is reluctant to spend lots of money on meals out because I'm usually either underwhelmed by what you get for your money or just feel plain ol' guilty for spending lots of money on meals - but I have to say, this meal was worth every penny so - Here's to seizin' the day and livin' it up every now and then with a gourmet dinner out!

It was so fun to take our sweet time and to stretch our meal out over a couple of hours, making a special point to savor every mouthful - here's what we ate..

Andante dairy Crottin (basically really yummy, incredibly creamy goat cheese); Mediterranean cucumbers with lemon and Green Gulch mint; olives. Served with Acme pain epi with Straus butter.

Chilled beet soup with orange creme fraiche and dill - This stuff was the bee's knees - the color was stunning and the smooth consistency knocked my socks off.

Capay Farm heirloom tomatoes and avocado with Green Gulch lettuce, ancho cress, spiced pumpkin seeds and lie chili vinaigrette - The ancho cress was the most unique part of this salad - it's also known as pepper grass and boy is it peppery.

Corn and poblano chili gratin with grilled onion, peppers, cheddar, cilantro and fromage blanc custard. served with tomatillo sauce, early girl tomato salsa, Yerena Farm fijoles de vara, grilled Gren Gulch madga cousa zucchini - Can you say flavor expolsion in your mouth - the fromage blanc custard on top of the gratin was my fav.

Chive crepes with Green Gulch chard and kale, savy spinach, leeks, goat cheese and lemon herb cream. Served with chaterelle muschroom, sweet 100 cherry tomato and summer squash ragout - the mushrooms sent me swirling up into the clouds on this one.

Peach ice cream sandwich with gingersnaps and berry compote.

Lemon verbena granita with chantilly cream and biscotti.

Hope your weekend was full of lots of soul satisfying yummy treats this weekend!


Blake Bunch said...

WOW! What a great weekend! I do wish we could have seen a pic of the new hair. Glad you got to pamper yourself!

I am so excited (you really have no idea) to hear about your restaurant experience. Kennedy and I are going on our mother daughter overnight soon and we are staying at a hotel at Fort Mason and were looking for a fancy place to have dinner! We will have to go there! Especially because I am not one to fork out the dough either. I really want to treat my girl now that she is a mature 10 :), so the review was just what I needed!!!

Blake Bunch said...

Ooops, okay, after looking at the menu, I am guessing a 10 year old might not "appreciate" the sophisticated menu :)! Still looks divine to me! Maybe someday!

and i think to myself...what a wonderful world said...

Lisa - Yes, you're right, Greens might not be the best venue for a 10 year old - but you're lookin' for a fun restaurant in the Fort Mason area are you? I'll reach out to some friends and see if anything comes to mind in that area!

Yay for Mother-Daugther getaways! Love it!

Blake Bunch said...

Thanks Sarah!!! You are the best!!!!

Anonymous said...

look at the feast you had! love it!