Sunday, September 19, 2010

Made with Love...

I knew that my love of jars would be put to good use one day! Woo hoo that day has come. Joe and I made our first batch of strawberry jam today and boy was it fun and boy was the end result beautiful. Pretty, quilted crystal jars full of sweet strawberry goodness...I think the only thing prettier than jars, are jars full of something yummy.

Strawberries from the farmer's market.

Mashed strawberries and more sugar than you'd care to know bubblin' away.

Funneling the jam into the jars--the Ball Bible of Jarring forgot to tell you that you would probably burn all you finger pads away in this process - but oh well the end result is worth it.

Heat-processing the buggers.

Jam lilned up for the symphony of the jars!

Mmmmm, jam on toast.

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