Friday, September 10, 2010

Simple Pleasures

1) Being in love

It's one of those mornings where I feel like I am just bubbling over with gratitude - I've got a simple truth for you all this morning - I can't think of any better feeling in the world than being in love.

I've been holding back a bit on my true feelings about love lately and well to be honest, I am just plain tired of it. I tend to hold back my emotions a lot for fear of overwhelming those around me, because geez louise, when I feel something I sure do feel it. But today is one of those days when I just feel like shouting my feelings from the rooftops and just don't give a darn whether or not people look at me like I'm crazy :). What are we here for if not to completely relish in the good things that come our way and to share the feelings of fullness that those good things create in us?

Joe and I got to have a lovely weeknight dinner together last night. And there's just nothing in the world cozier to me than spending a cool- fall feeling evening with that boy. Nothing fancy, just Joe, me, some yummy food on the stove and a whole lot of cuddling. I just feel so at home sharing our days, making food and gosh I think that boy was just made to cuddle me, because we just fit so darn perfectly.

I feel so darn lucky to have someone like Joe in my life - I am so inspired by the incredible amount of passion that pours out of him in so many different forms - whether it's in his committment to his students (I'm moved to tears by how much he cares about the kids that are lucky enough to have him as a teacher), his love of coffee, tea, grilling, the outdoors etc. etc - he's just one of those salt of the earth people who wears his heart on his sleeve and who humbly and genuinely and generously shares his love of life with friends and family. He's one of those people who just exudes positivity and gratitude and can do-ness and these qualities are so special to me - he gets it, he gets how lucky he is to live in a vibrant part of the world, to be healthy and instead of dwelling on what's wrong and surrendering to feelings of helplessness - he is one of those people who highlights and cherishes the simple things that are so often taken for granted and believes in his and our ability to make positive impacts in the world.

I fall more and more in love with him with each passing day and it just feels amazing.

Joe says and does so many things that truly move me - some are big and others may seem simple or small to the world, but to me they are all truly incredible.

Happy weekend to you lovely people, may it be full of love in many different forms!

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Blake Bunch said...

Aaaawww I for one could listen to your full outpouring all day! Don't keep it in girl! Shout it from the rooftops! Love is amazing and it looks like it has found the two of you!