Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall Feelings

If you didn't already know this - Fall is my favorite and I couldn't be happier that it's October because that means we're in it!! Yesterday in my yoga class (5th class of the week - I'm getting my money's worth out of my month of unlimited classes) our teacher led us through a fall themed Vinyasa. She talked about paralleling the natural phenomenon of shedding leaves by letting go of something in our lives that is no longer needed or helpful. It sounds cheesy, but I simply love the idea - who doesn't have some fear or stressor that they would be better off without? I've got a couple fears that I've been harboring over the past year that I know I'd be much better off without and so this fall I will be working on shedding those fears so that hopefully, come spring there will be room for new growth and light where those fears once were.

The weekend wasn't all philosophical though, don't you worry.

It started with a fabulous friend date with the wonderful Kat. How fun does this look? Red tea pots, hot cocoa with leaf decor and a chocolate-mint bar!

It was also full of fall foods! Like Fig, Lemon and Thyme Jam - which may sound different, but let me tell ya, spread some of this stuff on bread or crackers with some goat cheese and just feel yourself float on up to cloud nine.

Figs galore from a co-worker - so thankful for her generosity.

I was just mesmerized by the inside of these guys - they remind me of geodes!

The whole mixture - figs, lemon, thyme, sugar and honey. Here's the recipe - Fig and Lemon Thyme Confitures a la Mrs. Wheelbarrow who I aspire to be one day.

The final product!! I love 'em. I'm falling deeper in love with jars!

And then can I tell you my favorite part? Loverboy was busy reading and writing for grad school this afternoon so I ducked out for another yoga class and on my way home I just started to tear up because it just felt so warm to be heading home to him and a big pot of Tomato Soup on the stove.

Homemade croutons - Ciabatta, Basil, Pancetta, Salt and Pepper.

Tomato Soup that was just divine - Pappa Al Pomodoro - you must try this one! We used fresh farmer's market tomatoes instead of canned tomatoes.

Just before dinner we got out into the glorious fall evening light - something about fall makes that time of day extra golden. There is an adorable little church just a stone's throw away and I've been wanting to just go walk around it for some time now and tonight was the perfect night for it!

Hope your week is full of fabulous fall leaves like these!!


comfy cozy said...

Awesome pics! They made me happy, in all their fall delight. And I always love your food pics because they show me the "other side," beyond the comfort food that we primarily cook around here. :)

P.S. We drove through your 'hood the other day on our way home from vacation and I thought of you! I would have loved to have met up with you but the car was loaded with the fam and, well, you know how excited you are to just get home after a long trip!

dancingkitchen said...

yay for fall!

Blake Bunch said...

I don't know, that food looks pretty "comforting" to me!!! YUM!!! Please share with me how you made the croutons. DO you toast them in the oven?

FALL is my FAVORITE too!!!! We definitely share that!!! I am definitely going to make your tomato soup and croutons!!! I love the idea of shedding some fears or baggage for Fall. Not cheezy!!!

and i think to myself...what a wonderful world said...

Sadina, I thought I was feeling some extra comfy, cozy feelings recently - it must've been your families presence! So glad that you had such a lovely vacay!

Lisa - yep, we did toast the croutons in the oven. If you click on the link to the tomato soup recipe, it also has some guidance for making the croutons!

Three cheers for fall y'all!