Monday, October 25, 2010

A lot of nature and a lot of good friends...

I love these people and I love this place! It's just not every day you meet a group of people who you adore and who can color coordinate so fantastically with, without any planning.

YO-se-MITE highlights include;

1) Spectacular views from Glacier Point
2) Hike to mirror lake
3) Long walks through the park with the crew
4) Fall foilage :)...or foliage - however you want to say it :)
5) Save the date photos for the newly engaged couple :)
6) Bruschetta dinner
7) Farbieliecki jam and almond butter sandwiches
8) Brunch at the Awahnee
9) No scary bears eating outside our tent in the middle of the night

P.S. - Check out DancingKitchen for my fav. Yosemite girls pic. of the weekend!!!


comfy cozy said...

Sounds like a blast and I love your highlights. We appreciate Yosemite, too, although it's been over a year since we last went.

Blake Bunch said...

Oooooo loving your collage!!!!! NICE! I also love the recap! It looks and sounds so fabulous!!!!

Blake Bunch said...

Oh I just clicked on the collage and I can't stand how beautiful it is! I want to go to Yosemite! You did a great job!

and i think to myself...what a wonderful world said...

Hey comfy cozy - I've just been lovin' your blog posts lately! All the Halloween/family festivities just make my heart melt!

Lisa - you inspired the collage! And boy oh boy, yes, get your family out there - it's just magical!