Sunday, October 31, 2010

My life revolves around food...

This weekend was full of so many yummy fall foods, I can hardly contain my excitement.

On Friday night, the lovely Laura hosted a sweet Harvest dinner - and the whole event just warmed my heart. Laura had a couple of her good girlfriends from Colorado in town and wanted to get us all together and well I have to say, Jerica and Amy were absolutely wonderful and I just love it when different circles of people can come together and so genuinely enjoy one another's company.

Here we are in all our glory :)

Laura made an incredible creamy mushroom soup. Linds brought a yummy salad with pumpkin seeds and her famous hot apple cider, Kat made the most beautiful apple tarts and I tried out a recipe I've been excited about - Warm Autumn Salad - give it a try - the veggies make your whole kitchen smell like fall as they roast away! Laura, Amy and Jerica put so much love into the table setting - pumpkins, candles, flowers, cloth napkins, plates with fun conversation questions and sweet wishes. It's just so beautiful to me when people take the time to make occasions special by adding a few personal touches. Well done girls!

Kat's gorgeous apple tarts!

On top of this fun fall dinner, loverboy and I got to have a FULL weekend together because he had no class on Saturday - Yay! We made our way out for a rainy, redwood trail run on Saturday morning and then well, really just spent the day running errands, but it was nice to get to be together. When we finally made it home, we got some pumpkin soup cookin' in honor of Halloween weekend. Here's the recipe if you're interested - Thai-spced Pumpkin Soup.

Sunday afternoon we decided to give pickling a try - I have to tell ya, loverboy was the instigator on this one - sweet jams tend to excite me a bit more, but boy was I surprised at how fun it was to make our own pickles!

We started out with some persian cucumbers.

And then mixed up this concoction of vinegar, mustard seeds, dill seed, sugar, bay leaves and peppercorns.

And voila! Homemade pickles!


Blake Bunch said...

Yes my friend, my life revolves around food too :)! Your weekend looks delicious in every way!!!

The highlight for me was your girls harvest dinner (so sweet) and I have to say the all time winner from this post for me is that apple tart!!! That looks TDF!!!! Although every dish looks lie something I would love! The pickling is wild! I love how you are always trying new things! Maybe I will try too!

Glad you and LB got to spend some QT together!

Anonymous said...

your autumn salad was SO tasty. i think i'll make it for thanksgiving with my family! :) your pickles look fab!

comfy cozy said...

That sounds like a fall menu alright! You are just so blessed to be surrounded by good food and even better company.

And I love the conversation questions!! I saw a whole box of them at this little boutique in Carmel and nearly got them until I spied a necklace (that I later lost!). They are so clever and I love learning new things about people that ordinarily doesn't come up.

We have this boardgame that my family plays sometimes like that when we all get together.

Ah, the good stuff life is made up of! :)