Sunday, August 2, 2009

Weeked Update with yours truly :)

What a lovely little weekend, I love it when you have a weekend that just seems to all come together into a big list of all the fun things that happened. Here are this weekend's highlights...

1) Complete Veg out on Friday night...first time in a long time I have just been able to come home and relax and the end of a week and not be rushing off to catch a plane or to get ready for something :).

2) My first Jewish Sabbath service :). Rosie had her one year anniversary of her baht mitvah this past weekend and was asked to do a Torah reading at their service on Saturday, so, earlier in the week she asked if I would go and watch and I was so happy to be a part of the event and she did a fabulous job (although it was in all hebrew, so I didn't understand a lick, but it sounded beautiful :). I got teary watching her, I am such a sap, imagine what I will be like with my own children! A man from the community spoke about the 5th Commandment - Honoring your Parents and it moved me to tears. I can't remember the exact quotes that got the tears rolling, but there was one that said something about how a parent's love and support cannot be paid back, it can only be passed on and I just thought it was beautiful. The rabbi gave 3 vorts in 4 minutes (vorts are lessons in yiddish I think)---the 3 vorts were; 1) Turn to gratitude in times of loss 2) Don't compare yourself to others 3) Write a letter to someone you love this week. All good reminders I think :).

3) City Exploration with Megan. I took the Cal train (loved all the Giants fans drinking on the way there and back, good ol cal train!) up to the city on Saturday afternoon and Megan and I met up for some afternoon coffee and wine and then made our way to TRES AGAVES (funky, fun bar/restaurant in SOMA) for happy hour margaritas and fish tacos that were deeeelish! We got to watch the end of the Giants game, which they won :), and then who else walked in the bar after the game but Bruce Bochy himself! People were pretty excited, but Megan used to live down the street from him when he was the Padres Manager so we played it cool :). (haha cool and my name in the same sentence might be an oxymoron). On a side note, I love having this girl in my life, we went to high school together but weren't really great friends then, we just reconnected a few months ago and have hit it off and it's so nice to have a fellow Powegian to reminisce with! Love her!

4) Great Sunday Spin Class- new teacher and she is really fun and I had a blast!

5) 1/2 hour massage----two words -- absolute bliss! They even massaged my injured foot and it is feeling wonderful!

6) Farmer's Market and Trader Joe's. NO SAFEWAY :). I am really starting to make the transition and I have to say food shopping was a beautiful experience today, I can't believe I haven't been taking advantage of local farmer's markets more!!! I got some summer squash, broccoli, nectarines, green onions and yukon gold potatoes for some yumminess that I am hoping to create this week.

7) Bottleshock -- been wanting to see this movie for a while now and finally got to today and I loved it and definitely recommend it, it's a true story about how Napa Valley wine making got on the map back in the late 70s.


Blake Bunch said...

It's amazing what one perfect weekend can do to rejuvinate you!!! Cheers to all your fun adventures and reconnecting with an old friend!

YOU KNOW you had me at Farmer's Market and Trader Joes :):):)!!!

OOOOo and I loved the 3 vorts! So simple yet so wise!

Love your posts Sarah!!!!!!!!!!!

Hanna's Mommy said...

Oh my, what a perfect weekend! You know, I love love love reading all about your single girl/city life details! I sorta feel like I'm reading a juicy, fun, yet really wise novel! Complete with insightful vorts!:) I was born in Santa Clara and lived in San Jose for my first several years of life so there's a definite sense of homey-ness for me in your neck of the woods!

So happy that you had a rejuvenating weekend and I hope Monday finds you well!

and i think to myself...what a wonderful world said...

Lisa and Sadina, what would I do without you guys, your comments always make my day! I love reading YOUR blogs with all your family and mom talk and I can't wait to be there one day too :).