Monday, August 24, 2009

Mini break downs :)

So my emotional gas tank definitely hit empty this weekend. Anyone who knows me well knows that I tend to "burn the candle at both ends" as my dad used to always tell me. I tend to have big problems just sitting around and doing nothing and go and go and go until I finally at some point collapse into one big heap of frazzled, grumpy, teariness. You'd think by now, I would have a better understanding of how to avoid the big collapse, but I just don't seem to be very good at learning how to slow down. I do okay for the first few days post collapse, but give me a week or so and I am right back to filling my every moment with something. It's not that I don't looooove relaxing, it's just that, life always seems to present some opportunity that I just can't pass up! I honestly don't know that I'll ever completely get over this...I think I just love and am too excited about all that life has to offer to ever be able to REALLY kick this tendency for more than a few days.

So anyways July and August have been bussssssy months, from Chicago to Vegas, to tons of changes at work, to joining a couple of new running groups, hosting a college friend and just living and breathing on my own (which I have to say is a lot harder when you're single than when you get to come home to someone every night--coupledom (word stolen from Kat :)) is just an all around more efficient lifestyle in my mind) I have just been running from one thing to the next for about a month and a half now and well, this weekend, I just buckled a bit.

I was just feeling run-down grumpy and emotional because, yes I am PMSing...sorry if that is TMI, but at least I admit it!

So although I said YES, YES, YES when my sister asked if it would be okay to fly up for the weekend, the truth is that my body and soul were craving some "me" time (yes I am a selfish girl sometimes...but I can't help it, my "me" time is the way I recharge!). And so I have to confess, I wasn't the best hostess around this weekend. Luckily I have a saint of a sister :). Yes, we had a bit of a fight while she was here, and yes unfortunately we both cried and yes we both woke up a bit emotionally drained this morning...hence the need for the mental health afternoon today ( Thank goodness I have an incredible boss, who completely understood and told me to get out of the office and refresh myself!!).

But since, this is my blog and I like to use it to focus on the good, I'll give you the highlights of our time together....

1) Being silly brushing our teeth!!

1) Sunday morning Yoga and Spin! My sister was a champ!
2) Chai tea at Cafe Barrones.
3) Taking pics with the tower.

4) Nordstrom Shopping stop

5) Delicious home made mushroom cream sauce and carmelized onions over chicken.

This smelled and tasted incredible and it was so easssssy!

6) Making pouty lips...mine are pretty pathetic and actually kind of embarassing---but Jess's rock and so since I don't know how to chop myself, I am taking one for the team on this!

6) Mental health afternoon lunch at the CHEESE shop :)

7) More retail therapy at the Gap and Nordstrom's rack

Oh and yes, the retail therpay was just the trick! I am sure after a good night's rest, I'll be right back in the saddle tomorrow morning in my cute new shoes :)


kat said...

ah a mental health day. a good thing!

and hey - not sure that coupledom is all that cracked up to be! no offense to erik are tied down...which means if i wanted to pick up and go somewhere for a year...i'd have to really think about it! whereas if i were single, i could just pick up and go! like eat, pray, love - how she just travels. harder to do as a couple - you can't be as selfish.

so the grass isn't always greener - it's just different!

in any case, YOU are an exceptionally amazing person and i vote that you have a day each month to focus on YOU and your mental state of mind. to check in with yourself. :) love you!

kat said...

ps. i am also PMSing (TMI i know!) and i think as i've gotten older, it's gotten worse! i get so much more moody now!

and i think to myself...what a wonderful world said...

oh kat, thanks so much for the reminder that the grass isn't always greener on the other side---maybe I better take advantage of my freedom and go be like elizabeth gilbert :).

And thanks for the camaraderie on the PMS mood swings! Definitely not TMI and I am glad to know I am not the only one who goes through it!

I missed you guys at Sprout last night!

Hanna's Mommy said...

Ahh, there's nothing like some good ol' pmsing to make a girl feel like she's losing it just a wee bit! It is so unfair, isn't it?! And how quickly a month flies by too! Sheesh!

I'm sooo happy that you took a "mental health" (hee-hee!) afternoon though and did a little retail therapy! I only hope that you found some amaaaaazing things on sale and that you wake up tomorrow morning feeling fresh and renewed...'cause you totally deserve it! :))

Blake Bunch said...

I have definitely been known to have a breakdown or two when I get tired! Just ask my family :)!

Add PMS to that scenario and lets just say tears might be shed as well! :)

I am sure it's nothing a good movie and a cup of chai can't cure! Isn't it so hard to say no sometimes? Even when you know you are not fit to play "hostess"!

I am with Kat! You need you time! Instead of burning the candle at both ends (tee hee) light one (100 % beesewax ofcourse ha ha I am cracking myself up :)))) and sip some chai and have some time just for you! Maybe catch an episode of toddlers and tiaras! Ha Ha!

and i think to myself...what a wonderful world said...

Oh girls, you rock my world! Thanks for all the encouragement and reassurance that I am not alone in my mini break downs and PMS symptons from time to time!

I love the idea of getting a beeswax candle, lighting it and drinking endless cups of chai tea to rejuvenate!

Oooh and toddlers and tiaras, sounds like a fun guilty pleasure :).