Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Oh old friends :)

In addition to all the birthday-housewarming celebrations of the weekend, I got to see 2 old friends this weekend! One of my basketball teammates from high school has family in the are so she, her husband and her son were up to visit and I got to meet up with them for breakfast on Saturday morning! It was great catching up with Meredith, she is a cancer survivor an just an all around amazing person! The last time I saw her she was at the tail end of her chemo treatments and now she is healthy and loving life and it's so refreshing to be in the presence of someone who appreciates life as much as she does! She and her husband bought a house from my mom in San Diego and they are practically planting an entire farm in their backyard. They entertained me with stories of planting and trying to grow everything from lemons to avocados to corn to pomegranates to tomatoes to apples to limes and even papaya and passion fruit! I can't wait to visit them one day and eat a meal from their backyard! And I can't wait until the day I can start planting my own garden and orchard!!!!

On Sunday, Lindsey and I met up with Lisa in the city to go to the free Stern Grove Ballet Concert. Lisa is my very first friend from college! I was super homesick my first semester of college and I remember crying and pouring my heart out to Lisa and feeling absolutely comforted and at home with her. She is an amazing person who exudes energy, creativity, passion for life and love! She just returned to the US after 10 months of helping to lead a college travel abroad program through Asia with the college that we attended together. Yeah, she's pretty much amazing, helping to lead a group of I don't know, 20 college students through Japan, China, India, Mongolia, the Himalayas etc! Lisa and I lived together for 3 years in college, and she was like a sister to me. I unfortunately was a big butt head our senior year, and as a result our college friendship kind of ended on a sour note. And so, I was so grateful that Lisa contacted me and even came to stay with me for a couple of days. I am amazed by her big heart and was so thankful to have the opportunity to talk, catch up and have a second chance at a friendship with this wonderful girl.

Here are a few shots from our weekend...

Sunday Picnic at the Fort Mason Community Garden. We got turned away at Stern Grove, by the time we arrived, they hit capacity! Our plan B was just delightful though! This community garden is full of individually owned and maintained plots. It's a wonderful respite from the concrete of the city and so popular to get into that there is a 4 year waiting list for a plot.

Beeeautiful flowers at the garden.

Lisa and I at Stanford.

Lisa is the MASTER at jump photos and my inspiration in taking jump photos. She had a great spread in the latest issue of our alumni magazine with photos of the college students she travelled with jumping all over Asia---you know like in front of the Taj Majal and in the Himalayas and cool stuff like that.

Our yummy thai food dinner last night, tofu yellow curry and beef and spinach in a deelish peanut sauce.


Blake Bunch said...

Hi Sarah! I am back from vacation! I know I am a total blogger let down lately! It just hasn't been flowing for me :)!

You on the other hand rock!!! I love this post! I always find myself laughing out loud or crying or both when I read your posts! This one was no exception!

What an awesome reuninion with your old friends! SO great that the one friend with the REALLY GREAT name :)))) and you were able to put a stinky situation behind you! I cringe when I think of my early twenties sometimes! Very selfish times! Although once again I can hardly imagine you being anything but pleasantly wondeful!!!!

I wish you could have made it to the ballet concert! I love ballet and music and it was going to be free to boot! No wonder it was at capacity! Well, your garden stop was a perfect plan B! Did you put your name on the list?:)

Well, I will try to post today! I have so much to share but the kids went back to school and between lunches and school supplies, Doug working a "suspicious death" til 1 a.m. last night and Maysyn in bed with us since 3 a.m. this Momma is pooped! Right about now I am like blog or shower? The shower might win! :))) Okay longest comment ever over!

Blake Bunch said...

I clearly meant wonderful not wondeful!

kat said...

crazy that stern grove was at capacity but you found the fort mason community garden! awesome!

and i think to myself...what a wonderful world said...

Lisa - I just got done with a marathon comment on your blog, but I'll write back here too :). You're too sweet the way you get excited about the little things in my life that I blog about.

We will have to put the SF Ballet on the to do list for next year, but yes our plan B was fantastic, I didn't put my name on the list, but I should have! I might be in the city in 4 years, who knows!?!

I hope you got some rest today amidst all the back to school craziness and I hope Doug isn't having to work late again tonight!

and i think to myself...what a wonderful world said...

Kat- Thank you for introducing me to Fort Mason Community Garden, it was the perfect plan B since we got the boot at the ballet :). I hope furniture assembling is going well!