Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My new favorite place to shop...


Here's why...

1) It's just a 5 minute drive.

2) I always get front row parking.

3) The dressing room and the store are in the same spot; no walking back and fourth.

4) You can't beat the prices.

5) Kat is like my very own Stacy and Clinton!!!
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So Kat and Erik are moving to a cute, new place this weekend and as a result, Lindsey and I got to reap the benefits of Kat's closet weeding!! Pretty awesome considering Kat is an awesome dresser!!! 3 new purses, 3 new dresses and about 5 million new shirts are now cramming my closet to the gills! Thanks Kat...for the fashion advice, clothes and most of all, for your friendship!!!

Okay and a side note, here is my song of the day, inspired by a bday CD compiled by Lindsey....


Anonymous said...

awww how cute are you! so glad you came out with some great things! :)

i'm afraid that those days might be over as i won't be able to shop as much given how little space i'll have! :) but always fun! can't wait to see you in your new clothes.

Hanna's Mommy said...

Too bad you didn't love closer because I JUST cleaned out my closet! No kidding, when I get the chance I was going to blog about it!

Kenny is on my nostalgia list because my dad used to l-o-v-e him!! Kenny always makes me smile! :)

Blake Bunch said...

How cute!!! There is nothing better than "shopping" at a friends house!!! Yay for your sweet friends and your finds!!!