Sunday, August 9, 2009

So much to share....

So, where do I begin...I have been feeling so overwhelmed with good things lately, that I feel like I have to contain myself or I will overwhelm people with my enthusiasm. Is that weird? Does anyone else out there ever feel like that? Like you are just so excited about things that you just want to pop out of your skin, but you don't want to freak people out, so you try to play it cool :)...ahah.

Anyways, like I said there is nothing, great, grand or wonderful happening, so I am not exactly sure where this sudden joy is coming from -- maybe it's simply temporary, maybe it's that my soul is finally starting to wake up and jump out of survival mode, maybe my forced uber-awareness of life's simple pleasures in the past few months is just kicking into over drive and I am finding little bits of simple pleasure EVERYWHERE I look, or maybe I am jut going crazy in general :).

Whatever is going on, I have to say it feels good---so I won't analyze it too much more, I'll just hang on for the ride and hope that it's sticking around for a while.

I had a lovely little summer weekend and of course can't wait to share it with the blogosphere. Sorry for the lack of pix, my camera died, but don't worry I got a new one and so there will be more pix soon!

1) Outdoor Movies in the street! Isn't this just so summery?! Yup that's right, Kat, Erik, Lindsey, Nate and I made our way down to Los Altos (which is an adorable town!) to watch Back to the Future in the middle of Main Street, complete with a picnic dinner, lawn chairs, and 4 real life Deloreans!

2) My own personal yoga/spin bootcamp :). I think this is on the list EVERY weekend, I love it so much I just can't help adding it every week!

3) A trip to Anthropologie...I can't believe that I can't remember the last time I went into this store, although I can hardly afford anything in there, it's fun to just go and browse and get inspired by all the creativity! I did find a fun shirt for Audie for her bday and I can't wait to mail it to her!

4) A new digital camera! Yup, that's right, the old one went kaput this weekend (so bummed I don't have more pics to share from the weekend!) and so since I just can't imagine my life without a camera to document my every outing, I gave in and got a new one and although it was more than my budget was expecting this week, I am so happy I did it. I am finding that sometimes spending a little more money than you want to is worth it for something that enriches your life.

5) Nike Run Group. So I found out about this running group from a girl at Runner's high (where I just bought a new pair of running shoes that I love and that were on sale!!! And even got a foot massage before the run, I LOVE LOCAL running stores!). They meet on Sunday mornings at the Nike Store at the Stanford Mall, so I decided to give it a try this morning and I absolutely loved the group! There were about 20 runners, we split up according to how long people wanted to run and I met some really nice people--- a girl who blogs about the bee hives at Sunset, and an ultra marathoner. After the run they provided water and fruit and made some announcements about upcoming races. Oh and one more cool thing that I am totally going for...once you run 100 miles with the group you get this cool 100 mile club it and can't wait to earn one!

6) Doxon Dog Races. Jen entered Gracie May and Coral in the Doxon Dog Races at Palo Alto High School today and so I went with her and Sierra to cheer the little guys on. Gracie May won her first race, it was hilarious! She came in just shy of first in the semi's, but we were still so proud of her! I couldn't believe how many people were there and how many different types of doxons there are. Jen may be convincing me to be a Doxon owner one day :).

7) Fitness Challenge Winner! That's right, a personal trainer at the stanford gym asked me to join this fitness challenge on Monday and so I did, and I got a phone call yesterday that I won and get to claim a prize of $20! Woo hoo!

8) Organic Heirloom Tomatoes. I made a yummy caprese melt with them and I just love their beautiful colors! I managed to get a picture of these beauties!
9) Summer Dishes :). This is unrelated to this weekend, but isn't this one pretty! I love it! It was a bday present from a co-worker and it's Spode, who knew they made anything but Christmas dishes?

10) A sweet letter and Real Simple Magazine article from Ms. Madsen. It was an article about a group of girlfriends who do yearly trips together, kind of like our high school group. Each year one of the women is the planner and plans an entire trip for the group of women! Whew, that sounds like a lot of work, but I sure loved reading about their annual tradition and hope that we will continue to be able to keep ours up!

Okay, well if you are still reading, I have to say I am amazed, sometimes I think these posts are more for me to have a chance to re-live the good stuff, I have blabbed on and on long enough now and I'm off to set some goals. I have started a habit of setting 8 week goals for myself (inspired by Christina :)) and August 3 was the end of my last 8 weeks. So here's to another goal setting session :).

I hope everyone reading is having a lovely summer weekend!


Blake Bunch said...

I just adore you! As usual, no time to comment as several children are pulling at my leg :)! Until Monday morning at 6 a.m.!!!!

Blake Bunch said...

WOW!!!! WOOOHOOOO!!! Now I might burst with excitement!!! I can totally relate to feeling like holding back sometimes so as not to freak people out! Luckily Dougie and Sadina can usually handle it when I am bubbling over!! :)))

I am so happy for you and your joy is evident!! I am dying over the movie on Main street...DYING!!! It sounds like so much fun!!! The rest of your spectacular Summer weekend sounded amazing too! I loved it all!

I am having camera dilemas too! One broke, then one I bought turned out to be terrible, then my stand in that I thought was fabulous is just okay...the one I want is far outside my budget!!! Please share what you found!!

and i think to myself...what a wonderful world said...

Yay for bubbling over and having people in your life who can handle it!!! You know, when we were sitting at the outdoor movie, I thought I bet the Blake family would love something like this!

So I had to opt for a cheaper camera because I'm on a budget. I ended up buying a similar version of my last camera. It is the Casio EX-Z80 EXLIM. It has 8.1 mega Pixels and a fairly large LCD screen. It uses a lithium battery, which has a nice long life and doesn't require as much charging. I think most Casio cameras have a feature called best shot which offers a number of different options like black and white, food!!, flower, night time etc etc.

I haven't experience too much with the new camera yet and there are some slight differences, so I will keep you posted on how I am liking it :).

Blake Bunch said...

I love that you were thinking of us :)!!!!!

Thanks for the tip on the camera! There are just sooo many out there!