Sunday, May 3, 2009

a whole lotta weekend rambling...

I've gotta be honest, ever since Joe and I broke up, I haven't been looking forward to weekends as much as I used to. One of the harder parts of this break up has been the feelings of loneliness that have come along with losing the person I consider closest to me in the whole world -- and these feelings tend to well up on the weekends because we used to spend our entire weekends together.

To go from spending each day with someone you feel so at home with to suddenly facing the world on your own again is a bit like having the earth pulled out from under you and tumbling down and getting bumped and thrashed without any definite end in sight (apologies for being so dramatic.)

The funny thing (and amazing really) though is that each weekend, usually after spending 20 minutes or so crying to my sister on the phone---something happens to make things seem a little bit better.

It really is amazing to me.

This weekend had its shares of ups and downs, but I'll focus on the ups here;

1) Team in Training Meeting.

2) Dinner with Joe @ Calafia Cafe (restaurant started by the 1st google chef) - (yes this makes the up list).

3) Good conversation with Melinda about relationships.

4) The Menlo Atherton 5K Big Bear Run (I got first place in my age division!--sorry about the bragging :)--it was really fun to finally do a race again, it's been over 2 years since my last one---there is always such positive energy at these things.)

* Oh and I got a free mini massage after the race too!

5) Yummy snacks after the race--crumb cake from Hobee's in Palo Alto.

6) Lazy Sunday afternoon with Jen watching Slumdog Millionaire.

7) Home made Enchiladas for dinner.

**Oh and on a side note, I made a mini "dream board" the other day complete with some inspiring quotes and a list of "8 week goals" which Christina inspired me to make. You can't see it really well, but I still wanted to share.

Hope your weekend was full of lots of simple pleasures too!


Pipas para la paz said...

my seesta is a rock stah!

Anonymous said...

wow you came in first???!!! that's amazing!! awesome sarah!

Blake Bunch said...

I have no idea how I founf your blog...but I did. Rather than just be a "stalker" I thought I would just say hello :) and say that I really enjoyed reading it! I think I will go and get that book today!

Blake Bunch said...

I clearly meant to say found...oops :)