Saturday, May 30, 2009

Making P-town Proud :)

Went up to the Russian Hill area in SF today for a mini Poway High reunion at the Rex(great cafe on Polk Street-good bloody mary's, and omlettes).

JV and I go way back, I have all kinds of fun blackmail pictures of JV at sleepovers, basketball parties, etc, etc at the Farber Household. JV does have a real name by the way -Jessica-same as my sister's. So back in the day someone came up with the brilliant idea of calling her JV (her initials) --I think it was my dad actually-- and it stuck.
It's been 9 years since I last saw Amit and we randomly ran into each other a few months back on Union Street in San Francisco. Amit and I were Peer Counselors together--haha, funny memories. I think we may have done a conflict mediation together at some point for a couple of trouble makers on campus. Oh High School :).

I love catching up with people you haven't seen in some time and it was wonderful to catch up with both of them.

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