Sunday, May 10, 2009

I love my Mom.

I love this picture of my mom because you can see the fun spirit inside of her coming out.

Isn't she beautiful? I got to see her this past week for the first time since Christmas and she had a fun new haircut and some makeup on (although not much) and she just looked gorgeous.

There is of course much more to my mom than her physical beauty.
It has taken me some time, and my mom and I have definitely had our ups and downs, but I have to say in the past few years I am finally waking up to fully appreciate what an incredible woman my mom is.

My mom has a very peaceful, gentle and sweet spirit. My mom can be very serious ,but she also makes me laugh out loud.

My mom is an all star (this is an understatement) real estate agent. She works harder than anyone I know. She cares about her clients as though they are her own friends and family- and has built so many life long relationships through her work and has helped so many people with one of the biggest investments they will make in their life time. My mom brings so much joy and peace of mind to the people she helps to find the perfect home and I couldn't be more proud of her.

My mom is some kind of super mom or something. She is one of those women who has built a successful career for herself while raising two beautiful -(hahah--a backdoor compliment) daughters. I think it's hard enough to work full time and just take care of myself sometimes.

My mom is downright strong and determined. A few years back she was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. She went through a few years of lots of pain and fatigue, trying different treatments, medications etc. She persisted through all of the failed treatments, medications etc and is doing better now than I have ever seen her in the past.

When it comes down to it, my mom is just a plain old wonderful person and I am very lucky to call her MY mom.

Happy Mother's Day Mom. I love you.

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