Sunday, April 19, 2009

The tough moments still come :(

I wish I could fast forward sometimes and finally be done feeling sad about this breakup.

I had a really great weekend, this weekend, but the ickyness still has a way of welling up. I really miss my life of the past year and I am trying very hard to be positive and to find new things to bring meaning to my life, but to be plain and simple, it's just hard some days. Hard as I try to block out all the memories I have of the past year, they just keep creeping into my brain and then of course I can't help but cry thinking about how good I had it for a while.

Okay, enough of my sob story, I better get to something positive before I drown in my tears, here are some of the fun things I did this weekend....

1) 2 new Palo Alto runs thanks to through a beautiful neighborhood behind Stanford and the other to the Arastradero Preserve.

2) Menlo Park Arts Festival

3) Salmon Risotto

4) Discovering a cute new area with a friend - Los Gatos.

5) Free Baskin Robbins Ice Cream

6) Menlo Park Farmer's Market

7) Homemade Mac N Cheese

8) Summer Weather!

9) Reading outside with Carlos.

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Pipas para la paz said...

i love you sister. i wish i could be hanging out with you!