Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"I get by with a little help from my friends."

Just got back from Boise on Monday night and I have to say that this trip was exactly what I needed. I am feeling refreshed and re-inspired and that's a welcome contrast to the way I have felt in the past couple of months. Thank you to the moon and back Christina, Lane, Audie and Tiffany! Your friendship is a gift that I can't believe I am lucky enough to have in my life. Hope you enjoy the pictures of our weekend.

Highlights of the trip.....
1) 3 hour coffee shop conversation just catching up.
2) Group Run :) Christina and Lane did a 10 miler on Saturday as they are Marathon training and Audie and I tagged along for 5.5 miles.
3) Bopping.
4) Updated Mac n' Cheese with a fellow Twin Peaks Middle School Alumni and his fiance...what a small world!
5) Gin and Tonics!
6) Not forgetting our boppers1
7) Swing dancing
8) Middy and Murray's cute faces.
9) Boise Coffee Shops - Java, Dawson's and Flying M
10) Adult Easter Egg Hunts
11) NOT Jersey Chasing at Boise Hockey Games.
12) bop bop bop
13) Willowing it

Jumping for Joy--I love being with these girls!My hosts!
Audie-bop boppin while she willows it around Boise---haha, you'll have to ask her for a translation.
Tiffany--The newest addition to Boise!
Murray and Middy :)
Delicious Homemade Mac n' Cheese, Sausage and Salad.
On the way to the Reef.

A little Gin and Tonic--can I tell you that this is my new fav. drink--No asian glow!
Sunday Morning Walk.
Lining up for Pancakes.
One of the many chai tea outings of the weekend.

Christina with her Easter Egg Hunt Loot.
Did we miss any?
Lane, the first place winner--gettin' serious.
Cocktailing and a little Jersey Chasing.

Middy showing off at the park.

More Chai tea!
and MORE chai tea!

A long arm with the smurf turf.

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