Friday, July 11, 2008

just wishin and hopin...

hey look, it's the pic I was dyin to take all day at work!! bear with me i am definitely an amateur at this photo stuff, note the ugly things in the background...ahahh, I will get better!

so it's a SLLLLLOOOOOW (which is rare and I am taking advantage of it by doing some blogging on the clock!) morning here in the office and I am just antsy all over to get out of here and start my weekend!!!

i have been addicted to a number of different photo streams on flickr lately and am gathering up all kinds of inspiration to go out and take a million different photos this weekend, and to tinker with my camera and just learn more about photography in general.

i got some beautiful orchids from a big meeting that took place here at week over the past couple of days and I put them in my sparkling lemonade vases and can't wait to get home and snap some photos of them and post them.

i've really been putting off putting together my own photostream on flickr so I am hoping I will finally get to that this weekend.

i've got so many weekend daydreams floating through my brain right now I am surely going to go crazy today!

i'm hoping to do an 8 mile run this morning as a part of my quest to get back into long distance running shape so I can enter a half marathon SOON.

I am turning 26 in about 2 weeks...AHHHH and I know I am crazy but I am starting to get that life is slipping away pretty darn fast feeling, so I better start working a lot harder on my dreams if I ever hope to accomplish them.

my two big questions of the moment are...

Can I be a photographer?
shoot I just forgot the other one....
well if I remember it, I will post it later.

oh, just in the nick of time...I remembered...

how do I get more connected to the blogosphere?? I have been discovering so many awesome blogging communities later and I want in!!!

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paris parfait said...

It's a lovely photo! And yes, you can be a photographer! As for the blogosphere, just keep putting your ideas out there - readers will find you! Good luck with the half-marathon!