Sunday, July 20, 2008

good end to a long week...

one of my favorite moments of the week is at 5pm on Friday afternoon. The moment I am officially free from the routine of the work week and have an entire weekend of whatever my little heart desires ahead of me.

this week the moment was a little bit disappointing, friday was a really busy day at work and I was frusterated because I wasn't able to figure out couple of things my boss was asking for. Instead of leaving with a light heart, my heart felt a little heavy and my spirits felt a little down.

i reallly want to be good at whatever I am doing and help the people I am working with, but sometimes I have a hard time really giving something my all when I am not completely excited about the project. I was working on mailing lists for my boss on Friday and as much as I love my boss, I just can't get excited about mailing lists, and to be quite frank some of the menial tasks I do at work have been starting to wear on my spirit a bit.

i am working really hard mentally to try to have a better attitude and to be grateful everyday for the blessing of having a job and what's more than that a job where I work with intelligent people in an interesting place....but I just can't help getting down some days thinking that there must be something else more fulfilling out there and not being quite sure how to get to it yet.

when i walked in the door of my apartment on friday night, this is what I saw....

Joe and I went to an orchid farm last weekend and before that I had been ooohing and aaaahing at orchids that we would see. So when I got home, Joe had gone out and bought the most beautiful purple orchid for us. Maybe this will be the first of the many orchids we hope to have in our garden one day.

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