Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bella and Tough

Bella (They're so cute every time we walk up the stairs to our apartment and pass by their balcony, they come and stick their noses out to say hello.)

so in the past I have always thought it would be nice to have a dog, but had never really got to the point where I was just dying to have a dog, like my dog loving boyfriend has been.

this weekend, however, joe and I baby sat our neighbor's dogs while they were away and I absolutely fell in love with them. we hung out with Bella and Tough on Friday night and I can't even begin to explain how much joy those little guys bring just by being their loving little selves.

Tough, the older of the two dogs and also the mellower of the dogs just climbed right up on our laps on the couch and wanted to cuddle and be loved all night long. Dogs like Tough always amaze me in how freely they trust people, Tough treated us like we had been best buds forever.

Bella, the younger dog was just so excited and full of energy and spent the entire night dropping his chew toys in our laps and waiting anxiously for us to toss it so he could chase it down and bring it right back to us so we could start all over again.

Thanks to Bella and Tough's charm, I am sure that I too am now on the road to being heart sick about wanting a dog or two :)! I can't wait to have dogs with Joe one day.

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