Friday, July 25, 2008

another year of life :)

yay it's friday and to make it even better it's my birthday AND on top of that there are all sorts of fun things going on today....

I just got back from my 5:30 am birthday run, (couldn't get a better start to the day :) in my opinion) and then a short walk by the ocean...very refreshing and calming.

I'm off to work with a chai tea in hand for just a 3 hour work day and a birthday bash with my co-workers who are such wonderful people!!!

Then it's off to the airport with my love to fly to san diego for another wedding and before that a bday bbq at the Ford Ranch. Who could ask for more...a run, chai tea, bday office bashes, and then my best friends, family and boyfriend all together at the ford ranch/vineyard!!!

it's a good start to year 26.

happy weekened everyone!

p.s. I plan on doing lots of journaling with a chai tea by my side this afternoon at the airport...bit of an annual tradition for myself on my bday to journal about the past year and to set goals for the upcoming one...can't wait!! perhaps i'll post some snippets when i return!

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