Wednesday, July 23, 2008


i'm thinking about forgiveness this morning.

recently, i feel like I've lost a bunch of brain cells or something because I have just been a bit careless and to put it bluntly, plain old dumb lately.

i got my car towed in san francisco last weekend and have been making some careless mistakes at work.

i have a tendency to expect perfection from myself and when something goes astray from my desire for perfection, i am affected by it.

in keeping with my last blog about creating and sending out positive energy, i am deciding to attempt to forgive myself for being human.

i will not allow the fear of making a mistake rule my days and simultaneously i will not allow the guilt of having made a mistake to steal my opportunities for joy each day.

i am a human being, i will inevitably make mistakes, but i will learn to forgive myself for those mistakes and know that in making mistakes I am no less of a good person. I will remind myself that I am trying, I am putting forth my best effort and I cannot be faulted for tha.

I will have faith that through mistakes and occasional wrong turns, I am learning and growing into a stronger and more knowledgeable being.

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