Monday, July 21, 2008

fake it till you feel it...

i credit my college basketball coach for this quote. she used to tell us to fake it till we felt it on days when we were tired or not feeling completely inspired to give our all. i think that saying this was one of her ways of encouraging us to think positively and to attempt to always to make the most of our time together at practice.

today this is what i am telling myself as I am getting ready to go to work. i must be hitting the 6 month slump because i have actually been dreading work a little bit.

i decided last week though, that instead of harboring these negative emotions, i need to dedicate myself to changing my attitude. i need to count my blessings instead of focusing on the negative.

and so i started this alarm went off at 5:55 am and for the five extra minutes that i was in bed gradually coming back from the world of sleep, i repeated to myself positive things that I would do and feel today.

i am thankful for my health.
i am thankful to have a place to work.
i will believe in my abilities to learn, apply my learning and face challenges.
i will breathe deeply and take each moment in.
i will find joy, no matter how small through out my day.
i will delight in the company of my co workers.
i will smile.
i will be confident in myself.

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Pipas para la paz said...

love your positive thoughts sister and i love you too!!! can't wait to see you on fri...aka YOUR BDAY!