Sunday, March 28, 2010

weekend highlights y'all

1) Friday night hot chocolate with Laura, Laura's Mom and loverboy.

2) Saturday morning brunch with Kat, Erik, Laura and Laura's mom.

3) Mexican Dinner and March Madness with Loverboy.

4) My own private guitar concert starring loverboy while we celebrated Earth Hour. His guitar playing makes my heart melt.

5) The Blind Side!

6) Sunday morning reading, blogging, banana bread making and chai tea while loverboy got some work done and fixed his bike. (I love spending a day doing ordinary things together.)

7) Beechesso's chicken tahini wraps for lunch while watching MORE march madness.

8) Yummy salmon, asparragus risotto.

9) Spring Camelias (thanks Kat :)) in bloom :).


Anonymous said...

love it!

(i think those are camelias. :)

i can't wait to try your banana bread!

Annie said...

what a great weekend!
Did you love The Blind Side???

Hanna's Mommy said...

Lovely! The Blind Side was soooo great, beautifully illustrating that love has no boundaries!