Sunday, March 7, 2010

Busy-ness is the norm these days...

Here is my weekend laundry list from Friday at 5pm to Sunday at 10pm...

1) Post work grocery shopping so I have food this week

2) Fabulous girls night with Kat, Laura and Lindsey - complete with clothing exchanges, cocktails, yummy thai food and coupa hot cocoa.

3) Saturday morning Yoga/Spin

4) TAXES...blah, but they are done :)

5) Saw EIGHT...yes EIGHT apartments...oh dream apartment please find me :).

6) Thai Dinner and a movie with loverboy.

7) Sunday Morning Run

8) Basketball practice with the girls

9) 1 more apartment

10) Salad making for...

11) Kat and Erik's fabulous Oscar Party.
Kat won the rice crispy Oscar (made by Julian and Laura) for getting the best score on the Oscar's quiz!

Whew, I need a weekend now :).


Hanna's Mommy said...

You ARE such a busy girl!!

Okay, a moment of panic has ensued...must bring our taxes in to our guy! Yuck.

Happy Monday! :)

Blake Bunch said...