Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Birthday to the sweetest man I've ever known

It was Joe's birthday this past week and so I am going to guiltlessly take some time to brag about him. Joe is hands down the sweetest and most amazing man I've ever known. I've never known anyone who is able to handle life as gracefully and fun-lovingly as he does. The guy knows how to buckle down and "GSD" like no one I know - it's no wonder that he has been able to handle working full time as a teacher at KIPP - a crazy, super high standard charter school, serve as Math Department Chair, go to grad school, move in with his girlfriend and line up a job at another high achieving charter school for next year. I swear he gets more done by 8am than most people do in an entire day and somehow he manages to do it all with a big, bright blue eyed smile. He somehow seldom allows the craziness of the world get in the way of just enjoying himself and making sure that the people he loves know it. He's one of those people that just has his priorities in life straight - he spends his days working towards something that he whole-heartedly believes in and although the work is exhausting, I have witnessed how fulfilled he is by the it and I have to say it's absolutely inspiring. His dedication to teaching is so courageous and the strength that he puts forth in working with kids makes me fall deeper and deeper in love with him. Joe squeezes so much out of every moment of life - no matter how crazy things get - he does an incredible job of not allowing any of the craziness to take away from his ability to savor every last drop - whether that's in his beloved cups of coffee/beer, sunny weekend mornings, kick ass trail runs, U2 songs, cooking up something delicious or just snuggling me! I feel luckier than I could ever express to have found someone who inspires me to do what I love, enjoy life and love those around me. He is more than I could have ever dreamed of finding in a partner. Joe spent his actual birthday in DC with 55 8th graders :) - so when he got back it was only fitting that we had a big celebration. Here are pics from yesterday.

Backyard - before the birthday BBQ makeover. Super sunny day - yay!

Morning light and limes and bouganvilla - I'm loving this color combo.

I spent an evening watching the Bachelorette and making these fun hanging mason jars one night while Joe was in DC. I love them - and just a girly side note - these are going to be everywhere at my wedding one day - maybe even full of the same exact flowers - I was loving the bouganvilla this weekend!

Joe's grilling station - that boy doesn't need much to create some major deliciousness for dinner! oooh and we bought a Costco pack of limes so the extras became decoration.

All set :) - backyard post Bday BBQ makeover - hanging mason jars, outdoor Italian cafe lights (I've always wanted a backyard to hang these in!) and a super colorful table runner - I didn't want to leave this place last night.

I heart our table runner!

The carne asada didn't last long.

Joe's famous black beans - these were amazing!

Margaritas in mason jars :).

Our truly amazing friends. Kat' head is being blocked by the Margarita pitcher and Erik an Julian's Margarita's are the only evidence that they were present.

My love in the tree hanging the AWESOME pinata that Kat brought - totally pumped up the party!

The birthday boy with his blindfold.

Erik giving it his best shot.

Lindsey takes a swing.

Julian goes to town on Toro the pinata.

We found some clowns :). Photo credit to Laura!

Lighting the candles

Sunset, twinkly lights and Joe with a Dum-dum from the Pinata.

Birthday BBQ afterglow - this completely matches the way I felt inside after last night. Love Joe, love our friends, love our home and love having all three of these things together.


Tara said...

Love this post! <3

Anonymous said...

I know I am on repeat but you just get me every time!!!!! Tears of joy for you and the love you have found in who will always be affectionately be known as lover boy!!!!!

Happy Birthday

Your home is beautiful Sarah!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh sheesh, I really need to proof read sometimes! :)

and i think to myself...what a wonderful world said...

awww Tara and Lisa - you both are just too sweet.

Lisa - Yay for keeping the loverboy name alive!