Sunday, June 12, 2011

gettin' back to goal setting...

So I've fallen out of my usual routine of setting 8 week goals for myself and I think as a result, I've been less dedicated to making time and space in my life for things that bring me joy/growth/fulfillment etc. So enough of letting the everdayness of life get in the way of the things that make me smile and feel a greater gratitude towards life, here's my latest list of 8 week goals - to be accomplished by 8/1/11.

1) Sign up for a Meditation class through Stanford's health improvement program

2) Dedicated an afternoon or two to basketball planning for the upcoming season (offense, defenses, team building)

3) Plant tomatoes

4) Carve out 45 minutes/week of journaling time

5) Bedroom art project

6)Dedicate an afternoon outing centered on taking photos

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Tanner Blake's Blog for school. said...

Ooooo I love this! I forgot about your 8 week goals. Hmmm...I think I will join you! You know, it's a great way to keep things balanced and in perspective!