Sunday, April 17, 2011

outing my boyfriend

I haven't been to the Kingdom for a while (that's what we call Joe's place) and yesterday when we got home from dinner (at an awesome funky Mac n'Cheese restaurant called Homeroom), I went into the bedroom and on his night stand was a Gameboy. We were both pooped from our busy days so we plopped down on the bed to rest our spirits for a minute and that's when Joe confessed to me that after we say good night on the phone (we usually chat just before going to bed, often both of us are in bed, and I thought we were both just moments away from dream land) he hangs up and instead of going to bed, busts out the game boy for a few games of tetris. Hah, I loved it - this crazy, super motivated, get down to business educator, chillaxing with a few games of tetris before bed time.

Then, this morning after we got back from our morning run, we were looking at one of Joe's tables to see if it might work for a coffee table in our new place and on top of the table was this crazy lego battle truck thing - he says it's called the batterax, I accidentally called it a battle ship and he acted like he couldn't believe his ears. Turns out he spent a recent evening drinking a beer and building the lego batterax. He then proceeded to show me how certain portions of the batterax detacched to become a flying batterax and then he rolled the truck around on the table making battle noises. Here's a pic, ignore how dusty that table is, we'll be sure to clean that up before the move :).

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