Sunday, April 17, 2011

bridal tea

One of my dearest friends in all the world is getting married this summer and yesterday we kicked off the celebration with a bridal shower tea in the city at an adorable tea room called Lovejoy's. It was so fun to meet and spend time with some of the important women in Lindsey's life. Lindsey is such a gracious person and an even more gracious bride to be (no Bridezilla anywhere to be found in her!) and it was an afternoon of genuine excitement about the upcoming wedding.

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Anonymous said...

SARAH! I have missed so much! :) I just got caught up (speed read style :))! I am so happy for you and the tetris and battlebot (I know I don't have that right) champ to have our own place!

I love all of your posts and I say don't you dare slow down yet! The time is now! I don't know anyone with the same zest for living a full life as you my dear!

Loves and hugs!!!