Wednesday, November 17, 2010

La Amistad

I'm truly blessed with an amazing group of girlfriends in the bay and the creativity that pours out of this group of girls is something that absolutely nourishes my soul. We had our11th book club gathering on Saturday - yes we've read ELEVEN books together! Our next book is our12th - I'm pretty sure we're getting smarter by the minute. Kat provided us with about every type of cheese you could imagine for the occasion - not to mention, the most adorable table setting for our book/life chat. She even made little flags for so we could identify each cheese! Check these puppies out...

How adorable is that?!

We read a book called Little Bee this past month - it's a story about the amazing strength of a Nigerian refugee. For me, the book forced me out of my comfort zone a bit and while I admit I chickened out of reading some of the more graphic parts, the story heightened my awareness of the struggles that still are very real for citizens of countries/villages that are/have been exploited by oil companies.

As our book club ended we got busy in the kitchen for our 2nd Bruschetta off! Yep, you read right, Bruschetta off!! Look at all that bru-ske-ta!

Here's Lindsey's Morroccan Road...

and Laura's Autumn Sunkist....Joe's excited about this one!

and Kat's Christmas...

We're not done yet people, another one of Kat's creations - BORSCHETTA

My lips of rome...Julian is seriously scrutinizing this creation.

And the winner of the evening....Lindsey's California Capote. (Although I think the true winners were the boys/judges - they kicked back watching football while us girls whipped up a bunch of fun food for them.)

Is there anything better than friends and food? I think not!


Blake Bunch said...

Oh how I love your sweet friendships!!! What an awesome little group! I wish I could be a member of that book club!!!! The bruschetta looks divine!!! I could gobble it all up!!!

I loved the little flags and the adorable plates! I think I will give that book a try.

comfy cozy said...

Love it all, Sarah! Every bit of it!!

I went to a cheese shop when I was visiting "home" this past week and was just thinking that there really isn't a better snack than baguette and fancy cheeses! Mmm!

Good for you guys for sticking with the book club, too!

Blake Bunch said...

Half way through Little Bee...soooooo good!