Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bella Note

I'm sorry that I'm head over heels in love and that all of you are subject to my weekly posts where I re-hash the gushy details but I can't help myself. I just feel so darn grateful for Joe and he continues to do things that make me fall even further in love and I just have to share.

Grad school has fully taken over Joe's life in these past couple of months and between teaching full time at an intense charter school that operates on business hours and attending classes Monday, Wednesday and Saturday (not to mention the hours of time he spends on homework/lesson planning etc) the guy hardly has enough time to breathe. I really don't know how he does it - all I know is I am amazed every day by his work ethic, endurance, passion and optimism. He's incredible about keeping his head about him when everything around him is swirling around in chaos and I am so moved by his dedication. Lots of days I wish I could be like a substitute reader for him and read the hundreds of pages that he is assigned each week and just dump all the knowledge from the readings into his head so he could have a few extra hours to write papers or grade tests, but unfortunately, I haven't figured that out yet - so what I have been doing is cooking. A LOT and in BIG quantities. That way Joe has lots of leftovers that he can freeze and pull out for easy dinners during his crazy weeks.

Last Friday however, the tables were turned and Joe made dinner for ME. He already gives so much of himself when we are together and well, his time is his most precious commodity these days so it was very special to me that he made such an effort to make dinner. He had not gone to bed until 11:30 on Thursday night because he was doing homework and then he woke up at 4:30 on Friday to get more work done but when I arrived at his place on Friday evening, he had set a romantic table with candles for us and made a yummy salmon dinner with red pepper pasta and an incredible homemade salad dressing for our salad! And then to top it all off as we sat down to eat he cued up this song for us to eat to - Bella Notte. I almost cried, actually I might have cried.

I'm sure this story sounds incredibly simple and maybe I'm foolish for being moved so deeply by all of it, but the simple things Joe does for me (and for all the people in his life) are so full of his heart that they have a way of filling me up with a joy that's bigger than all the space inside of me.


Anonymous said...

you and joe are so wonderfully suited for another. man i am so glad i sat you next to each other at friends thanksgiving. ;)

Blake Bunch said...

Um, let me see...

A KEEPER????? YA, I would say so indeed!!!!

Sarah, you are no fool my dear! It is the key to a long lasting relationship to appreciate all of the little things! Although, it hardly feels little!

You two are so adorable and I for one, can never get enough! Keep em' coming!

and i think to myself...what a wonderful world said...

Kat - ANOTHER reason that Sparkplug is the PERFECT name for you - you sparked our relationship with your seat masterminding! We will never be able to re-pay you and you have permission to hold that over my head for as long as we live!

Lisa - thanks for always so joyfully sharing in the appreciation I have for the things in my life. You double my joy!!

Pipas para la paz said...

i love this sister. i love you lots. i am so happy for you that you and joe have each other