Monday, November 29, 2010

Joe meets the fam...

San Diego Thanksgiving 2010 rocked. I just love getting to spend time in the kitchen with my family, cooking and laughing and feasting - and this year getting to bring Joe home to meet the family for the first time was an extra big treat. He fit right in, just like I knew he would and it couldn't make me happier to have all these people that I love so much together in one place. Oooh and this year, we had a few more special guests - the Ford fam - so glad that Tom, Kristina and Garrett could join us!

Thanksgiving is a big, team effort in our home and I just love this tradition of ours. All of us gathered in my parent's beautiful kitchen with various food operations happening simultaneously - little chaos and a lot of laughter!

I just love my sister so much!

Here she is gettin' sassy with her sweet potatoes!

A little mom and grandma love.

My grandpa's job = mimosa sipping. He kept stealing my grandma's mimosa - adorable, isn't he!?

After a big run with Joe on Friday morning to work off our Thanksgiving meal (Have I told you that I LOVE that Joe and I can run together!! It was so fun to show him some of my favorite home town trails!) we took a family field trip to Stone Brewery in San Diego. Lots of yummy beers to choose from!

Saturday, after a coffee date with Niki, Whit, Maria, Curran and Amber, we made our way to the coast so Joe could see a little of the San Diego sweet life! Shorts at the beach in November!

Let the holiday season begin!!


Blake Bunch said...

OH GOODIE!!!! You have no idea how much I was looking forward to you going home for the holiday! I was sooo hoping that Joe was joining you! :) I just adore your family and all the togetherness in the kitchen and your grandpa is to die for, he is so cute!

You are as beautiful as ever!!! I am so happy for you!

I am thankful for you my sweet friend too!!!!

Now, I must get my pregnant bootie to bed! I stayed up way to late blogging :)!

and i think to myself...what a wonderful world said...

Lisa - you are simply the sweetest! It was so nice to have Joe meet my family - he just fit right in perfectly! I hope that you got some good rest last night for you and Baby Blake!!