Thursday, July 8, 2010


** I remembered that work outs should make you feel stronger, more balanced and more relaxed not stressed and run-down.

**I ran with my droid in my hand and blasted music from my pandora app.

**I took the time to just sit and stretch while the sun made my sweaty skin glisten...there is something that is just so luxurious to me about just sitting and stretching in the sun after a run--I seldom allow myself the time to do this after a run - I think I'll start to change that.

**I got teary-eyed seeing a group of people in downward dog on a grassy patch of the Stanford oval.

**I pulled up next to Kat and Erik at a stoplight - it made me feel so at home - pulling up next to someone I know is something that usually only happens in my home town.

**I loved listening to the Sara Bareilles station on pandora.

**I thought of positive images when my mind started to drift to loverboy and it made me feel better about being apart.

**I got to sit down and set a new group of 8 week goals.



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Blake Bunch said...

Happy Friday Sarah!!! I love running into people I know at stop lights too! It is a funny thing!

Anonymous said...

that's right lululemon yoga nights! you should go one day.

was fun to say hi. hi!

Hanna's Mommy said...

Hmm, there is a running theme going on today; just finished reading a friend's post where she competed in a relay. Kinda makes me feel like running, except that mine would be more of a granny run at this point. Someday though, I can totally see myself making up for years of not running. I'll set a record and run all the way to the bay area in 34 hours without stopping! :)

P.S. "Running" into people at stop signs can sometimes go the other way and be rather awkward...makes me giggle just thinking about it!