Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I could not ask for anything more...

I cannot even begin to express just how loved I felt this weekend.

My heart is overflowing with the gratitude I have for the people that I am lucky enough to have in my life and the ways these people manage to constantly amaze me by going so far out of their way to do the most thoughtful things. I was showered with phone calls and cards from friends and family near and far and I have to say the only thing that could have made the weekend better would have been to have every single one these people by my side.

On top of all the calls and cards, my incredible (such an understatement) loverboy and equally incredible group of girlfriends in the bay area threw me the most beautiful surprise birthday party on Saturday night. I've always dreamed of having a surprise party - it might sound cheesy, but it was a dream come true - and well if that had been the end of it, if my friends would have jumped out and said "Surprise" in the middle of timbuktu and then just called it quits right there, well that would have been more than enough. But, let me tell you these people are always in it to win it and it took me the better part of the entire evening and even into the next day and the next and even up until now to really be able to take in every little detail of effort that Joe, Kat, Erik, Laura, Julian, Lindsey, Nate, George, Jeanie, and Julian (the dog) put into the evening.

I'm telling you the party was like a photo shoot straight out of Sunset Magazine - and boy if you know how much I love Sunset Magazine, you know what a dream come true this was!!

Joseph, was the instigator for all this lovliness. The boy amazes me more and more every day. I had no idea at all that he had been planning this bash for weeks in advance. And then I did not find out until that evening that he had spent his Saturday morning waking up early to do some marinade making and marinating veggies to grill, boiling potatoes to prep for grilling and then hauling his friend's grill (he is the grill master and I love that about him!)to Kat's - all before he arrived on my doorstep at the early afternoon hour of 1pm with a boquet of flowers in hand. (Did I mention that he had a good friend staying with him and neglected him all morning long to prep and also dropped him off at the airport on his way over?) Oh and I can't forget to mention that Joe wrote me the sweetest letter, I've been reading it before I go to bed at night.

Kat must have spent hours prepping the backyard for the evening. Kat is one of those people who just really pays attention to what her friends like and love and then has a big, huge heart of gold to make those likes and loves come to life. Everyone needs a Kat in their life and I'm sure glad I've got her! There were beautiful homemade tissue pom-poms dangling amidst twinkly lights and bright bougenvilla. There were jars galore!!! I heart jars! And the jars were full of twinkly candles and gorgeous bunches of hydrangeas. There was a big, long wooden table surrounded by a crafty mix of chairs that just gave so much character to the setting. Ooooh and she even got sparklers that we got to light up after dinner and dance around in the front yard with!!! The girl left no detail astray! And you know what, I just know that Erik, must have had a big hand in supporting Kat in all this and for that I am so thankful! Oooh and Erik gave me the most beautiful orchid which fits just perfectly into my apartment. And he gave me my very first spoken card!! How cute is that - people spoke their cards to me - love it! My heart was melting all night long amidst all the homemade beauty.

Laura made the most delicious and artistic figs with melted blue cheese and marscapone with lovely little lavender dish decor! Sunset would have been proud! Ooooh and she made a super summery tomato and tofu dish which was positively deelish!

Lindsey and Nate flew all the way back from Morrocco and Paris just in time for the festivities and I couldn't have been happier to share the evening with them as we celebrated their engagement!!! Woooooo hoooooooooooooo!!! Birthdays and engagements make for so much fun! Congrats again Lindsey and Nate!!! oooh and Lindsey made they yummiest mojitos! Perfect summer bbq drink!

Julian tended to a gorgeous hibiscus plant for the past six months and then graced with me the beautiful fruits of his labor --- love 'em they are so cheerful!

George and Jeanie hosted the whole darn thing at their beautiful home and I couldn't be happier to share the evening with them. Especially because George provided blankets, sweaters and scarves after the sun went down and we all got a little chilly!

Julian, the dog just added all around merriment to the evening!

The food was delicious, the decorations were beautiful, the company was second to none, I honestly could not have asked for anything more.

Thank you is an absolute understatement for what I feel in my heart for all of you.

I love these girls...

and I love all these peeps!

Oh and P.S. - On Sunday we went to see Wicked - more incredible!

This song seems like a fitting tribute to all the people who helped make my birthday so special...


Blake Bunch said...

Oh Sarah!!! This melts my heart!!! Gosh, you are a lucky and blessed girl!!! The hydrangeas put me over the edge!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Hanna's Mommy said...

Sunset WOULD be proud!! And you know,you receive what you put out there...just sayin'! I love how you said everyone needs a Kat in their life- so sweet!

I also love that you've always wanted a surprise party! I'm the opposite and have always kinda cringed at the idea but I've never been one for surprises! :)

Glad you enjoyed your special day!

Anonymous said...

aw, i think everyone needs a SARAH in their life. i'd throw this party a million times again for you. xoxo

and i think to myself...what a wonderful world said...

Awww Lisa - YOU melt my heart!!! Hydrangeas always make me think of you! I think they were the background of your blog when I first started reading it :).

Sadina - Thanks for reinforcing my belief that Sunset would have been swooning :). In addition to a Kat, everyone also needs a Sadina :).

Kat - You are absolutely wonderful in every way! Here's to many more life celebrations and parties to throw!!

Pipas para la paz said...

looks like your birthday was amazing sister, I am so glad! i love you so much!!