Monday, July 5, 2010

Jess's bay area recruiting trip.

SISTER SLEDGE, pack your bags and move to the bay already.

So in the midst of all the crazy health stuff going on last week - my crazy, wonderful sister was in town. I tell ya, that girl is always there for me during tough stuff. She is probably the most easy going, open-minded person I know and was just an absolute delight to have in town for a whole week. I admire her ability to relax and just be and enjoy life. While I got the gene for being a stress ball, she definitely got the gene for being relaxed and able to go with the flow and I truly admire that about her. Plus, she showers me with presents!!! Yup, that's right, after a hard day at work one day, I came home and she had a couple of the cutest bowls waiting for me, along with some purple measuring cups and a cute Turquoise shirt because as she says, "Everyone needs a little turquoise in their lives :)."

Sadly, I was feeling kind of crappy the entire time she was here, but we still managed to squeeze a lot of fun in, here were some of the highlights;
**Making yummy dinners - curry chicken, coconut rice and dirty rice, **Jogging the dish, **Dinner at Sprout ** Hot Chocolate at Coupa ** Lazy movie nights ** Dinner at Cha Cha Cha with Loverboy and Delaney (It made my heart so happy to finally have someone from my family meet Joe) **Beers at the Monk's Kettle ** Happening upon the Pink Triangle parade through the mission **Anna K. Brunch with my lovely bay area girlfriends ** Getting new SMART Phones together (We did the BOGO deal on the droid and I'm now hooked on smart phones!)

Our twinsy turquoise shirts

Curry Chicken and coconut rice

Yummy Spanish Tapas and Sangria found here.

Anna K. Brunch with these lovelies.

Kat made us brunch!

It was Deeeeeelish!! Can you see the crumb top? Can you say heaven?!

Aren't these just so cheery and delightful?

Nestable measuring cups!!!


Anonymous said...

your sister is awesome...just like YOU! so glad you guys had a good time..and that she was here for you!

and i think to myself...what a wonderful world said...

Awww thanks Kat - she thought all of you were pretty awesome!!!